The latest evolution in photo editing app segment Prisma popped out a new update for iOS.  This new app has got a huge user base for its job of enhancing the boring photo to an artistic view. Now the newer update of the app is out. Prisma 2.4 is now available in iTunes App Store. The app now offers offline service to its users, which is first of its kind ever since its release.

The developer made half of the filters available for offline users and more are making its way. Making use of neural networks, Prisma would upload the photo to Prisma servers and gives the output. Now, the developer released an algorithm to provide an offline feature to the App for the first time.

Prisma to get Video Support Soon

This new update for iOS might benefit users for few reasons. Availing the offline feature will cut down the lengthy processing time as they don’t need to upload and download from the cloud. This may also solve the outage server problem which users are experiencing at times. Summing all, the photo processes 2-3 seconds faster than earlier on iOS.

“No team or company has ever done anything close. We have managed to implement neural networks to smartphones, which means users will no longer need an internet connection to turn their photos into art pieces.” says the company.

Prisma for Android is now Available Officially

It is reported that Prisma is also making its move to launch video feature in the near future. Prisma labs say the time taken for retouching will be reduced to 5 seconds on the iPhone 6S plus and 6S, and it might take a little longer time on iPhone 6 model.

Prisma labs claim 52 million downloads for its app with 4 million daily active users. A significant increase of 7.5 million users is observed in the last month which boosted it to top iOS App store. It is expected that an Android update would roll out later next week.