Samsung Galaxy S7 User Saved 10 People’s Life

Now a day’s having the waterproof in a smartphone is the major feature and trending to be in every mobile.  Samsung Galaxy S7 user has survived a shipwreck in the Philippines due to waterproof ability in the device.

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The identity of the user isn’t revealed, but he/she was apparently traveling with ten others on July 30 to Sabang Beach, Central Philippines for scuba diving. Following a storm the ship overturned, and they were at the left stranded on the vessel. Within an hour, they were rescued by a nearby fishing boat.

The user immediately responded and contacted the authorities just because of Samsung Galaxy S7 IP68.  This Smartphone device certification has the capacity to withstand in water, sand, dust and dirt. Even though over 24 hours had passed since the user charged the phone. The device also consisted of 50 per cent battery.

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Samsung recently has received a letter from the user in which the incident was mentioned. However, we don’t have any idea that to what extend this content is right but indeed; it does seem possible. By the end of June, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge global sales are said to cross 25 million.


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