Google is going to announce the upcoming feature that is mostly welcomed by the Indian users. Before this, the Google Assistant has launched its Google Allo English-speaking app in India recently.

Today, they announced the details of second language Hindi which they are going to launch by the end of 2016. This means users will be able to converse the Google’s new Al-based Assistant in Hindi.

 Google Assistant is the new Al-based Assistant that was launched earlier this year. Instead of asking pre-programmed questions, now users can able to make a proper conversation with the assistant. If you ask Google a query and then follow up with more questions, the Assistant will automatically read the conversion and reply the correct answer.

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The announcement came after the Google added support for Hinglish (which is a mixture of English and Hindi) for Google Assistant in the Allo messaging app which was launched last week in India. With the upcoming feature, now users can chat with the Al in Hindi as well soon after it released.

“A preview of the Google Assistant will be launched in Hindi by the end of 2016 inside the brand new Allo messaging app. The Google Assistant lets users have a conversation with Google, which can help them get things done,” said by Amit Fulay, Group Product Manager for Allo.

According to the reports, Google’s other new communication effort the video calling with Google Duo App has also got an amazing response from India. Google focused more on going local which helps to increase the number of users.

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Google Allo messaging app is not different than Whatsapp, and moreover, Whatsapp has already supported the Hindi language. But one differentiating point that gives Google Allo an edge over the Whatsapp is that the Al client option that is built right into the app.

Google also estimates that the usage of internet in India has increased more since the years and out of them most will prefer local language. India is the fastest growing internet market in the world.

“Through Allo and its support for Hindi, Google is looking to offer better and more relevant Google experiences for Indians,” the company further said in a statement.


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