Prisma , the AI based photo editing app  is now available on both iOS and Android platforms. The App enhances your photos to modern mimic view using Artificial Intelligence technology. Photo editing app got with 34 artistic filters with correction options in detail. The popularity of the app is so high that servers are getting down, and users are experiencing delays. Now the developer announced the video version of the app and released a demo recently.

Prisma offers and excellent artistic features even in its recently released video version too. The app provided ‘save’ button to save the edited image instantly in the recent update. Below is the video sample of the artistic view published by Prisma.

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A video is usually referred to a series of photos that are played at high speed. Prisma spilt those frames and edited it manually. This artificial technology app is developed by Russia-based Prisma Labs. Although Prisma is not good at accuracy, it comes with a good artistic view.

Prisma enhances the video with an artistic look, while the audio remains same.
Video occupies much more space on the server, and the cost may go high to the company. In spite of no adds for Prisma app, and the video version might be limited to premium customers. However, the photo version of the app remains free for all. There is no info regarding the availability date of these new features.

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In spite of the huge craze and standing as the best photo editing Application of recent times. Prisma has been criticized for its slowness in functioning.Developers are saying that since millions of users are using the App at the same time may be the reason for the Application to be not accurate.Whatever the reason might be, As a true Prisma Fan I hope the makers should concentrate on fixing it as soon as possible.