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Apple Launches App Store Connect for Application Developers

After briefly announcing at WWDC 2018, today Apple has officially introduced and rebranded its iTunes Connect to App Store Connect for App Developers on Apple Official Website. This app will be oriented only towards App Developers and it works as a dedicated portal for apps and a replacement for iTunes Connect App. App Store Connect can be accessed as an iOS app as well as a website.

App Store Connect not only includes all the features of iTunes Connect but also lets app developers manage their apps or payments and respond to the reviews of the users. It makes the whole process related to uploading or submitting the app and managing the application easier. It also lets to see Analytics, Trends, and get insight into the performance of an app.

App Store Connect also allows app developers and their teams to invite people to test their new apps with TestFlight, view sales reports, create a product page for app in up to 28 languages, add in-app purchases, manage new releases and updates, and check the app’s payment and financial reports on all iOS devices.

Some of the additional features are creating promo codes for an app, bundling up many apps into a single purchase, measuring user engagement, submitting an application to app store review, and replying to active issues in Resolution center. It even lets customers to pre-order the iOS App. App developers can even schedule the release of iOS app updates.

You can directly download App Store Connect for iPhone and iPad from App Store. The App Store will manage apps for iPhone, Mac, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch or iMessage, while iTunes Connect will continue its service of providing Books, TV shows, Movies and Music.

It is still unknown if app services will be discontinued from iTunes Connect as the same services are already being provided in App Store Connect.

Kissenger “The World’s First Mobile Kiss Messenger” to Save your long distance relationship

Kissenger, It is the world’s first mobile kiss messenger. If you are worrying about your long distance relationship, then it is only for you. This messenger will send your kisses to your lover. It works with pressure and actuators. It records the user’s kiss and transmits it to an identical receiving device, sends to the other end through an app that also features video calling

Kiss is an important segment to express our love, and physical touch plays an important role in the relationship. So it is not possible in long distance relations ships. By this kissenger you can plugin into the phone and give your loved ones a kiss over the internet.

Charge your Smartphone with Finger Swipe: Michigan University Researchers

This device will sense your kiss and transmit realistic kissing sensations to your partner in real time. After kissing, you can feel the force on your lips when your partners kiss back.

High precision sensors have embedded in the device under the silicon lip to measure the different parts of the lips during the kiss. After giving the kiss, it sends data in the form of kiss to your partner over the internet in real time.

Kissenger ios app is also available, after installing you can send kisses to your partner. These was designed by Adrian David Cheok, Emma Yann Zhang, Yukihiro Morisawa, Shogo Nishiguchi from Imagineering Lab, city university, London.

A Special Case that can transform iPhone into Android  

Professor Zhang said “ kiss is an expression to express our love, it is also stress reducing when we involved in the kind of physical touch we have a lower level of blood pressure

To stay connected with your lover, friends, and family you can use this device. Kissenger is live now. They made the first working prototype for ios device is designed like a phone cover that plugs into the audio jack of iPhone or iPad.

Facebook WiFi will Allow you to Search and Connect Nearby Hotspots

Facebook WiFi is the new features appears to be in the testing phase, this helps you for finding the nearby wireless hotspots. Facebook WiFi will let the customers check in by participating in the businesses for the free WiFi access. When the user’s check-in to your Business page, you can share offers and other announcements with them.

Facebook is probing the Pages to list the WiFi locations for their physical addresses. We can ensure that Facebook is asking to maintain this information as the backbone and display the accurate results for the users.

As per the reports one of the spokespeople for Facebook said: “To help people stay connected to the friends and experiences they care about, we roll out a new feature that surfaces open Wifi networks associated with nearby places.”

One of the social media directors has observed this feature. This feature is live in the iOS Facebook application. To view this feature, scroll through the menu and you will find the option to ‘Enable WiFi.’  Once you turn on the feature, you will get the access to the nearest point. The access points will also direct you to the store apart from it will mention getting connected.

The more nearby locations Facebook can bring forward, then the better quality of real-time information regarding the sharing, news, and viral video content becomes popular and reaches to the users.

Things are still unclear that Android user is going to receive this feature or not? In iOS, this feature hasn’t rolled out for everyone so far. Some of the users have received this testing update. So check out the iOS app that if you have received this update or not. Go to the Hamburger Menu and in the mobile app and check out this option.

For More Tech Updates: Techfactslive

Prisma New Update for iOS Allows the App to Function Offline

The latest evolution in photo editing app segment Prisma popped out a new update for iOS.  This new app has got a huge user base for its job of enhancing the boring photo to an artistic view. Now the newer update of the app is out. Prisma 2.4 is now available in iTunes App Store. The app now offers offline service to its users, which is first of its kind ever since its release.

The developer made half of the filters available for offline users and more are making its way. Making use of neural networks, Prisma would upload the photo to Prisma servers and gives the output. Now, the developer released an algorithm to provide an offline feature to the App for the first time.

Prisma to get Video Support Soon

This new update for iOS might benefit users for few reasons. Availing the offline feature will cut down the lengthy processing time as they don’t need to upload and download from the cloud. This may also solve the outage server problem which users are experiencing at times. Summing all, the photo processes 2-3 seconds faster than earlier on iOS.

“No team or company has ever done anything close. We have managed to implement neural networks to smartphones, which means users will no longer need an internet connection to turn their photos into art pieces.” says the company.

Prisma for Android is now Available Officially

It is reported that Prisma is also making its move to launch video feature in the near future. Prisma labs say the time taken for retouching will be reduced to 5 seconds on the iPhone 6S plus and 6S, and it might take a little longer time on iPhone 6 model.

Prisma labs claim 52 million downloads for its app with 4 million daily active users. A significant increase of 7.5 million users is observed in the last month which boosted it to top iOS App store. It is expected that an Android update would roll out later next week.

‘Uninstalling the Apps’ Feature goes LIVE in iOS 10 Beta

The days are coming for uninstalling the default or built-in applications which may rarely use or unused. If these applications are no longer needed, they can’t be deleted, but you have to know about the IOS 10, you can remove these irksome applications, this will add up some space which had occupied from a long time.

Once you can get the update of the IOS 10, you can perform these operations. There is no rocket science in performing this task, just make a long press on the icons and let the icons dance. Then tap the X button on the icon or the application which you want to uninstall.  Here is the list of few applications that you can remove the built-in applications.

Apple Making $40M Worth of Gold From Waste

The Built-in Apps, which can be removed from the home screen.The users can remove the applications and the related information or the associated files. With this, the few things like system related information on the Apple watch may get affected. These apps are built into the IOS, which are designed to be space efficient which all together consumes less than 150MB.

Now iOS users can Utilise ‘Find your Phone’ Google Service

Things to do for restoring the removed/deleted apps

Navigate to the App Store and search for the required app, just tap the download for restoring the application to your phone.

Wait till the download completes and starts the installation process. So it will be opened on the Home Screen.

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