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Facebook taps machine learning to transforms videos into arty neural work like Prisma


Facebook has introduced a new feature which transforms the videos into arty neural work, it turns out the live videos into the works of art. Users of Facebook can use this “Style transfer” app to make your photos and videos more creative.

Up to now we have some apps like Prisma which changes our image into a creative art but now Facebook is introducing machine learning which transforms live videos into creative arts.

Developers of Facebook said “Delivering in the real time in the palm of your hand”. Nowadays videos are one of the important communications in the society, so they stated that they want to give the state of the creative art tools to help you to express yourself.

They have developed this app on the mobile platform on both Android and iOS. They have prepared this style transfer tool in the camera with the help of caffe2go run time and style transfer models.

facebook style transfer code

Developer friendly

Caffe 2 is the platform that ships at full speed on four platforms like CPU, GPU, Android, and IOS. The framework executes with the same language, and it is optimized for each platform.

Training the style transfer models

This style transfer is not a new one. This paper was introduced with the name of the neural algorithm for artistic style in 2015. Now it came to implementation. This caffe2go made the al processing unit fast. But the style transfer models needs to be optimized, ensuring the experience was the real time

Optimizing for effective model size

They are creating the style transfer app to run on new, smaller more efficient models to deliver a high-quality videos running at 20 FPS on iPhone 6.

Improves the quality

Quality is very important in the images or video. So they are trying to provide more quality in the videos and photos. Now Facebook live videos will transform into arty neural work by this app.

Prisma Photo App on iOS Supports Video Filters, Android Users Can Expect Soon

The photo editing app Prisma uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the neural network for turning your photos into best. Prisma released this year in the month of June. Surprisingly in less than first few weeks, this app got one million downloads and gained more popularity across the world. Later in Mid July, Android version hits officially on Google PlayStore. This time, better results came for the Prisma Android App, more than 1.7 million users downloaded Prisma in first 24 hours.

Whatsapp New Update brings Snapchat like Camera Features

Developers keep working on this app and making a gradual progress each time. A new bunch of filters added in the application. So far best improvement is offline mode available to the app. After teasing from many days, Prisma app has now put an end to those teasers and released Prisma Video feature for the iOS users.

Prisma App is now Introducing Video!

A team of Prisma is excited to bring out this new feature. Turn your memories into the cool artworks with the unique video styles included in the app.

The users can shoot 15 seconds video or pick up the required video from gallery through the Prisma camera, then add the artist touch to it. Proceed to apply filters, and processing done locally even without your internet connection.

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You can download the Prisma latest iOS App from the Apple App Store. This application is available under Photo & Video Category. To make the confirmation for the whether it was the latest or not, make sure the updated date must be on Oct 06, 2023 and Version 2.6. This application is about 130 MB size to download.

The official seller of this app is Prisma Labs, Inc. and available in English and Russian language.

Currently, this feature is available for iOS only. Soon it will come to Android users too. Prisma is about to include GIF support in its forthcoming update. The new GIF feature with the looped video will be available soon in coming weeks. We can expect the update later this month.

Prisma New Update for iOS Allows the App to Function Offline

The latest evolution in photo editing app segment Prisma popped out a new update for iOS.  This new app has got a huge user base for its job of enhancing the boring photo to an artistic view. Now the newer update of the app is out. Prisma 2.4 is now available in iTunes App Store. The app now offers offline service to its users, which is first of its kind ever since its release.

The developer made half of the filters available for offline users and more are making its way. Making use of neural networks, Prisma would upload the photo to Prisma servers and gives the output. Now, the developer released an algorithm to provide an offline feature to the App for the first time.

Prisma to get Video Support Soon

This new update for iOS might benefit users for few reasons. Availing the offline feature will cut down the lengthy processing time as they don’t need to upload and download from the cloud. This may also solve the outage server problem which users are experiencing at times. Summing all, the photo processes 2-3 seconds faster than earlier on iOS.

“No team or company has ever done anything close. We have managed to implement neural networks to smartphones, which means users will no longer need an internet connection to turn their photos into art pieces.” says the company.

Prisma for Android is now Available Officially

It is reported that Prisma is also making its move to launch video feature in the near future. Prisma labs say the time taken for retouching will be reduced to 5 seconds on the iPhone 6S plus and 6S, and it might take a little longer time on iPhone 6 model.

Prisma labs claim 52 million downloads for its app with 4 million daily active users. A significant increase of 7.5 million users is observed in the last month which boosted it to top iOS App store. It is expected that an Android update would roll out later next week.

‘Artisto’ for Android and iOS to Convert Boring Videos into Great Art

As the photo lovers are going gaga with the Prisma app released last month, here’s an another new app ‘Artisto’ with an almost same function of Prisma. All new ‘Artisto’ features filters which are applicable even for videos. This may stand highlight. The video editor has a good range of effects which attracts users just at their first glance.

It’s a happening new trend, people, are paying more interests to turn their boring photos to artistic or classic cartoon view. A new era of domestic photo filters made photo editing user-friendly which are only available at famous studios earlier. Now Artisto made all the desired artistic views available to videos. Recently, the developers of Prisma also announced their release of the video filter feature, but Artisto has made it first. Created by Russian website Mail.ru, Artisto is available for both Android and iOS. Russia Beyond the Headlines (RBTH) stated that this new interesting app is developed just in 8 days.

Prisma to get Video Support Soon

“We decided to play with neural networks, which have become increasingly popular, and ventured to create a video-editing app,” Anna Artamonova, Mail.ru VP posted on Facebook. Based on machine vision algorithms, Artisto offers a quite impressive result. The app is quite easy to use and allows users apply filters to the existing videos in the gallery and also enabled to shoot through the app using the camera. Limiting its time duration to just 10 seconds might leave users in a bit disappointment, but it is more than excusable considering its process for output.

Prisma for Android is now Available Officially

Unlike Prisma, Artisto offers a faster delivery when it applies the filters. A buzz is that the app is unable to add filters to the videos in the gallery, but performing well when a video is shot through the app. Unfortunately, Artisto is not available for Android users across all regions in the world at this moment, but it is available for iOS users in the App store. Developers are making plans to release the app for Android users in all regions, and it is expected to roll out soon.

Prisma to get Video Support Soon

Prisma , the AI based photo editing app  is now available on both iOS and Android platforms. The App enhances your photos to modern mimic view using Artificial Intelligence technology. Photo editing app got with 34 artistic filters with correction options in detail. The popularity of the app is so high that servers are getting down, and users are experiencing delays. Now the developer announced the video version of the app and released a demo recently.

Prisma offers and excellent artistic features even in its recently released video version too. The app provided ‘save’ button to save the edited image instantly in the recent update. Below is the video sample of the artistic view published by Prisma.

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A video is usually referred to a series of photos that are played at high speed. Prisma spilt those frames and edited it manually. This artificial technology app is developed by Russia-based Prisma Labs. Although Prisma is not good at accuracy, it comes with a good artistic view.

Prisma enhances the video with an artistic look, while the audio remains same.
Video occupies much more space on the server, and the cost may go high to the company. In spite of no adds for Prisma app, and the video version might be limited to premium customers. However, the photo version of the app remains free for all. There is no info regarding the availability date of these new features.

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In spite of the huge craze and standing as the best photo editing Application of recent times. Prisma has been criticized for its slowness in functioning.Developers are saying that since millions of users are using the App at the same time may be the reason for the Application to be not accurate.Whatever the reason might be, As a true Prisma Fan I hope the makers should concentrate on fixing it as soon as possible.

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