Zomato App, founded in 2008, a restaurant search and delivery service has decided its crucial aspect of service to extend its services with Zomato Trace further. The Trace application is named when the company acquired fellow Indian logistics technology start-up Sparse Labs, which is specialized in helping restaurants to track delivery drivers.

This App enables real-time tracking of a rider to ensure ‘quicker and efficient deliveries’ to users and the restaurant.Sparse Labs had developed Zomato Trace which let you know the rider’s route information and will direct users to get their deliveries faster.

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Zomato will roll out this app for free of cost to its restaurant partners very soon. Sparse labs consist of a web dashboard, Driver apps, Customer notifications, APIs, Maps and more features. It helps restaurants for effective operations to decrease friction between receiving an order and its delivery to the customer.

“The system also allocates orders to the riders based on their proximity to the restaurant, and also uses machine learning to identify a rider’s familiarity with a neighborhood to further optimize delivery efficiency ” post in Zomato blog. The restaurants have the option for using a Sparse-developed proprietary GPS tracker which can be fitted to the bikes.Real-time locations updates can be provided to the company to improve app totally.

Deepinder Goyal, CEO and Founder explained “ Joining forces with Sparse Labs will allow us to significantly improve the food ordering experience on the app, by giving users real-time GPS-based status updates on their order .”

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Zomato said, “ while we are already working on making this feature available for deliveries handled by our logistics partners, Sparse Labs will now help us to enable delivery tracking for restaurant-owned fleets as well .”

Zomato earlier made some acquisitions in the past couple of years, including a U.S based start-up, NexTable which offers restaurant reservations and table management platforms. But, Zomato’s step to acquire logistics technology is notable.

This mobile Application would save time and cost from the restaurant’s end. Trace App further helps to optimize restaurant delivery routes.