Fruit ninja movie

Following the success of Angry Birds movie, now Fruit Ninja movie is going to make it on big-screen. New Line Cinema has picked the rights to the popular mobile franchise from Halfbrick Studios.

Video game stories have rapidly advanced to the point where they went viral or even succeed Hollywood movies. As the news came out regarding Fruit Ninja movie, many of them are doubted that such a thing would happen. But yes, you have to accept, it has taken a significant step forward towards that actually existing.

As per the Hollywood reports, Tripp Vinson is going to produce the movie, and J.P Lavin and Chad Damiani are the screenwriters for the Fruit Ninja movie. Tripp Vinson has teamed up with Halfbrick Studios who were the creators of the game to develop the live-action film.

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Tripp Vinson has previously produced last year ‘San Andreas, Journey to the Center of the Earth and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’ through his Vinson Films Production banner. He is also going to produce the upcoming TV series based on the Best Picture Oscar Winner, The Departed. The writers J.P Lavin and Chad Damiani have also written ‘How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack’.

Halfbrick Studios created the Fruit Ninja series. The game has been a huge hit and reached more than one billion downloads. It was first released for the Apple iPhones and iPod devices in April 2010. A year later it has rolled out for Android and Windows mobiles. The game went on the second selling iOS game of all time.

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Though the news of filming the Fruit Ninja movie has come out, the release date and when will the production starts has not announced yet. The story is said to involve misfits recruited as the fruit ninjas and naturally saves the world.


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