Google with celebrating its 18th Birthday has shared a bunch of important announcements with its on-going “Google for India” event. Google is about to launch the new “YouTube Go” for watching and sharing videos even without data. This is designed for next generation of users to enjoy the power of YouTube. This App will maximize fun using low data.

This ‘YouTube Go’ app enables Offline video viewing and sharing the videos without using data.

This is yet to be launched officially very soon. This is said to be for India at the moment keeping in mind the next generation users, said Google. Users can load and play the videos smoothly with various connectivity situations. ‘YouTube Go’ also offers transparency and control on data consumption.

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The main highlight of the App is, sharing of Offline video feature. This feature allows the user to share the offline videos without the data connection. This enables us to know the data consumed, also allows a preview of videos before saving it to watch offline later. Google specified that this app is designed firstly for Offline and even works with no or low connectivity.

On tapping on the thumbnail, you can watch a quick preview of the video, after you can watch or save it. The home screen features all the trending videos in and around your area. Users can also specify the resolution while saving or streaming the video.

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For a quick say about YouTube Go App: Find and Watch, Control your Data, Save and Watch, Share without Internet.

Google also said that this app would gradually launch for more people in the coming months after the feedback and improvement.Google will notify you with its launch of YouTube Go App by signing up.


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