Tech giant company Google has announced that they will initiate to crack down on ‘intrusive interstitials’. Google will be initiate this from the month of January 2017. The Ads which appear during browsing the web on mobile devices are problematic and cause inconvenience to the users.

The pages which show the intrusive interstitials will perform poorly and delivers unpleasant experience for the users than other pages, where the content is accessible immediately. This had become problematic on the mobile devices because of small screens.

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Google explained few types of issues which will be problematic includes

  • Displaying the pop-up which covers relevant content on the screen or either immediately after the user navigates to the page from the search results or while they are looking through the pages.
  • Showing the intrusive standalone interstitial which the user has had to discard before accessing the main content.
  • Using the layout where the upper fold portion of the page appears similar to the separate interstitial, but the original content has been below the fold.

These things like flashing the advertisements which appear at the bottom or the top will affect the user experience while browsing the content or spoil the user’s interactions. They don’t willingly hamper the user experience. This kind of ads is used for generating the revenue.

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This is going to affect the popular websites like Firstpost, TOI and other reputed sites which showcase the advertisements full page before the user has to discard them to read the content exists below. From the first month of next year, these sites will be forced to modify the existing strategies by making the content visible to the users.

All these changes by Google search results ranking will effect from 2017 January 10.