Finally, the long wait comes to an end. Prisma, the Smart Photo filter application had been made available to Android users and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.It was first released exclusively for iOS users.Within a short span of time, the Photo Editing Application went viral and gained enormous popularity.It had taken the iOS store by a storm and the servers slowed down showing the craze of the App.

Android users had downloaded the Unauthorized APK versions unable to control the curiosity for the Photo filter application.Recently the Beta version of the Prisma was released but after testing its functionality was disabled by the developers.

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Prisma stands unique among the other photo editing apps by not limiting just with that boring effects and filters.  It is proven that Prisma gained a generation of photo editing apps by the combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence. You need to concentrate all on final output how it comes rather than the internal process. Finally, Prisma is an Impressive series, and its download records say all about it.

Prisma for android free download

Prisma came up with a very simple user interface adjusting focus and lighting options. But the app lacked room for the default camera options like HRD, Zoom, Timer, which are quite negligible in an app concern. The App got with 34 artistic filters surpassing the conventional photo editing tools with correction options in detail.

The App didn’t come up with a real involvement in the accuracy of the picture, but with good art making. It’s highlighted with some of its unique features like the intensity of the effect can be reduced by dragging a finger down on the image.

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It is featured with “save artworks automatically” button to auto save the creation.  After taking a picture, users can share their art to Instagram, Facebook or any other social network with just a click.

Prisma offers an excellent range of artistic filters which some are good for faces, and some are good for landscapes. The app bedecks the picture with a watermark and anyway it has an option to turn it off in settings.

Now as said by the developers the app is now available for both iOS and Android users which can be downloaded at their respective play stores at free of cost .There are many fake Prisma apps that are misleading users.So we are providing the Official Google Play-store link for downloading the Prisma Click here


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