Microsoft announced the latest partnership with car-making alliances Renault and Nissan. They said that they will work together for next-generation cloud computing based car services powered by Microsoft Azure. It is the step forward to the group plans to build self-driving automobiles by 2020.

Microsoft Azure made the announcement at the conference in Atlanta. These services are based on Microsoft Azure cloud services which include advanced navigation, remote monitoring service, predictive maintenance, vehicle centric service and over-the-air software updates.

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The Renault-Nissan Alliance is developing new technologies for autonomous cars. This service will be helpful for the users by creating, securing and transferring driver profiles which can monitor from one car to another car. It will be more useful for the car owners and can monitor the car from distance and more.

The Renault and Nissan plan to launch more than ten cars with autonomous driving technology by 2020. In the month of July, they hired former executive of Nokia, Ogi Redzic, to lead their connected car efforts.

Ogi Redzic stated that “A car is becoming increasingly connected, intelligent and personal. Partnering with Microsoft allows us to accelerate the development of the associated key technologies needed to enable scenarios our customers want and build all-new ones they haven’t even imagined. We aim to become the provider of connected mobility for everyone with one single global platform”.

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Microsoft said that Azure would support programming languages, tools, and multiple operating systems which offer flexibility for both the Renault-Nissan Alliance. In addition to this, Renault and Nissan Alliance said that they would continue in developing and launching the new technology cars which will be more useful for the users in terms of entertainment, social network and driving.

Currently, Microsoft Azure is the leading company in the cloud service with more than 100 data centers throughout the world.


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