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Hummingbird Production Starts World’s First Folding and Light Weight Bike from October 2016

Prodrive: World’s First Lightest and Folding Motor

A London-based Start-up Company Prodrive is innovatively producing the world’s lightest folding bike from October 2016. Petre Craciun is the designer of this wonder. With some re-engineering and refined design, the company launches the folding bike in two variants.

Prodrive is a motorsport and technology based company. This new innovative bike has been named as Hummingbird. It just weighs about 6.7 kgs. This is in fact half of the existing lightweight motorbikes. This is made possible because of its parts. Most parts like frame, forks and seat post are made of carbon fiber.

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The design has been so unique that when the bike folded the chain remains in the tension itself without getting disturbed. Even after folding the bike, it can wheeled to transit.

The current folding bikes do not have these facilities and also weighs about 12 kgs. Hummingbird comes with an attractive, eye-catching style and design. Two models will be available for the buyers. Single speed and Five-speed models will produce as per Prodrive Chairman David Richards.

The company also proudly announces that the folding bike is the unique one in its own segment. Maybe the design, technical aspects or the style undoubted makes this bike something special and attractive.

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Expected price tagged between US$2,650 and $2, 87. The bike will start its deliveries early in next year.

The images available depict the signature of the folding bike. Officially released images also suggest the bike has a spot colour of Yellow. Other details not yet fully furnished by the company in other technicalities and features. But for now, the look is appealing to buy.

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