Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has briefed about the company’s implementation of Artificial Intelligence. He also indicated a situation where in future there will be no names even to name the advancements that take place.

At present, the Artificial Intelligence has been adopted in many of the Microsoft products. The interaction took place in the city of Atlanta.

He also expressed his concerns about the problems that minimize human intention and time in information explosion and the ability to make sense out of it.

Microsoft Office 365 Packed With New Artificial Intelligence Features to Lure the Companies and Firms

Google’s game-playing artificial brain has though far better than human brains reach, Nadella did not get enthusiastic. AI has got appreciation from the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk too for its amazing performance.

Microsoft has included AI in its products. Cortana with Windows 10 Operating System alone has around 133 million users monthly. Apart from this many other applications and soft wares will be provided with AI. This will be more useful for the corporate and commercial firms and companies.

This is useful for all the sections of the techies. Developers and users have their motives fulfilled with AI introduction into the Microsoft products. Office 365 will be mainly benefited for the company as this will make the usage vaster. PowerPoint representation and other assigned elements of the package can be enhanced.

Microsoft is Working on Messaging app called Skype Teams

The internal CRM tool of the company has already implemented AI. The utilities that are derived from it just amazing for the company employees. The sales and services are being ascertained with high-level performance.

Bingo images are now assigned to the office 365 excel sheets to design and save the maps. Face detection and other tools like sensor and voice controls are now the new inclusions with the introduction of AI into the product package.

What’s interesting is that Microsoft CEO is not so happy about the various usages of AI. His concerns are also not negligible as they have a valid point to think. Hence, the usage an the future should be taken care of.


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