How to Spot the Fake iPhone 7

The most recent smartphone from Apple, iPhone 7 has released in the month of September 2016. The sale of these new phones is going incredibly well and pretty impressive. Apple iPhone 7 released in the month of September.

The iPhone 7 is available in two color variants Jet Black and Black, which were already sold out. Apple is stick to maintain the same price tag as the previous year and lot of users who are willing to get the iPhone 7.

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But they could not be able to afford by paying $650.00 for it, and the buyers are not even convenient for signing the contract for two years either, to get the iPhone for the less price.  Now they are looking forward to the best offers from the company.

Taking advantage of the flow of the sales of new Apple iPhone 7, lot of spammers are seeking to cash this opportunity. The spammers are selling the new iPhone 7 which is completely identical to the Apple’s iPhone 7 at the low prices.

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The users who will buy the iPhone 7 for the fewer prices will end up by receiving the Clone Chinese version of the iPhone 7. So we are providing some information and things to remember to notice the differences between the Original iPhone 7 and the Fake one.

Things you have to note on buying or planning to get the Brand New Apple iPhone 7.

Do check the things which are written below on the rear end


Check the 3D Touch Display on the iPhone


Verify the Operating System on the Device


Verify the Serial Number on the Apple Website


Compare the phone with iPhone at Official Apple Store


Check the Charging Port


Connect to the iTunes

Connect to the iTunes

Some Spammers are selling the iPhone 7 in the online will the less prices. The funniest part is, they are even providing the bundle offers to the buyers. So, make sure to cross check about all these things before you buying the Apple’s new iPhone 7.


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