Monohm Runcible Circular “Smart Pocket Watch” is Available for Pre Order

MONOHM introduces world’s first “Anti-Smartphone” which is easy to use, delightful to hold, requires no apps and creates no disruption to your life. This Smart pocket watch announced at Mobile World Congress in Feb 2015 and is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

Runcible Babbage

The preorder is available for two models Runcible Babbage and Runcible Lovelace. The Babbage model designed for the stylish experiment which made from reclaimed ocean plastic fished out of Pacific Plastic Island.

Runcible Babbage: $399 USD shipping in Sept 2016

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Runcible Lovelace

The Runcible Lovelace is a limited edition model designed for Aficionado. The Runcible brain with an iconic, unique, solid wood back made from harvested madrone wood in Mendocino Country, California.

Runcible Lovelace: $499 USD shipping in Sept 2016

About Smart Pocket Watch

Starting from front: the scratch and shatter-resistant Gorilla Glass, emerging to touch panel, Screen 640 * 640, 256ppi, fully round screen, battery 950 mAh, a collar metal slightly raised edges to protect the screen when face down.

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The mid frame is the structure and attachment points for the main board, extensible with exposed GPIO, USB host, etc. The processor module Quad core ARM Cortex A53 (64bit, 1.2 GHz), the bottom ring which is an additional anchor Pont for add-on followed by back ring lens protector. The whole smart pocket watch protected by recycled ocean plastic or exotic material.

MONOHM, an innovative creator of heirloom electronics headquartered in Berkeley, California. The company’s mission is to design and build products that gracefully combine function and technology to afford you a more civilized relationship with your Digital Life.

“A Visit from CEO’s of MONOHM, Jason and Aubrey will deliver the hand build Runcible to you, anywhere in the world and take you to dinner”.