Anthropomorphic food items are being brought to movies by Seth Rogen with his raunchy, R-rated comedy Sausage Party. It all about the talking sustenance he actually brought to grocery stores. It’s just a part of the stunt to promote the upcoming animated film. Animatronic bread, cantaloupe and sausage were placed around a grocery store in New York City. Shoppers were shocked at first and delighted to see groceries talking.

    Behind the scenes, Rogen voiced the melon from a separate room. A mocking group of teenagers pass through and asks women eating a piece of cantaloupe if that was his nephew. The film is about grocery store filled with produce which talks and also have feelings for being eaten alive. The idea of hiding remote-controlled and incredibly realistic looking groceries is to express that even our food has feelings.

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    The comparison that comes to one’s mind when think’s of Sausage Party is Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story. Both the idea that toys has an adoring view of humans, like food. There is an extensive world-building at work in both the films. The sausages talk about girth, salsas and soy sauces speak in think, Latino and lampoon Asian accents. Buns have boobs, and Tacos are lesbians. The Nazi foods want to eliminate juices. Everyone hates the crackers. Tequila won’t have one’s trust because it is very date-rapey.

    Rogen barks at a group of teens see the talking cantaloupe and then on their food shopping, “Hey, is there something more interesting than a talking cantaloupe over there?” adding to the temporarily terrifying customers, the food converse with their soon-to-be consumers. At one exchange, sausage asks a young man buying animatronic sausage whether he’s ever tried sausage. “No, I’m not a cannibal, have you ever eaten a hipster? How many hipsters you eaten?” the sausage wonders.


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