An Indian police person swallowed about 40 knives over past two months. On experiencing pain, he approached doctors of a corporate hospital at Amritsar, where he underwent surgery to remove the knives.

The person admitted that he was swallowing knives over past two months and said that Spiritual powers made him do that. “I don’t know why I did it, but there was some spiritual power behind it,” the 42-year-old told AFP from Amritsar in Punjab state, declining to be named.

“It started in June when I swallowed the first knife, and I enjoyed the feeling. It soon became a habit.”

Knives taken out after surgery

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Doctors said that initially it was thought that the patient was suffering from Tumour after the body scan showed large solid mass. But later on further investigation they found dozens of folding knives with metal and wooden handles, measuring up to 18 centimetres when unfolded.

“We immediately prepared him for surgery and removed the knives. There was bleeding as some of them were unfolded,” Rajinder Rajan, one of the surgeons at Corporate Hospital, said.

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Dr Jatinder Malhotra who assisted in the five-hour operation said that the patient was suffering from a psychiatric disorder and is being counselled.“He told us he would swallow the knives along with a glass of water,” he had no explanation for why he did it. Just an urge.”Malhotra added.

The surgery was conducted by a team of two surgeons, two critical care physicians and an Anaesthetist. Doctors also said that they are not ruling out the possibility that the patient had pica disorder in which the sufferer feels compelled to consume non-edible things.

“I consumed a knife a day for about two months. I never felt it was going to harm me but when it pained, I came to the hospital,” he said. “I will not repeat it. I am glad they saved my life, and I want to go back to my family.”


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