A day is dedicated to gain attention for the struggles what left handers to face daily in a right-handed society. International Lefthanders day falls on this Saturday, 13 August. Commonly referred as Southpaws, lefthanders are the element behind the jokes all the time. It isn’t that easy to be a left-hander. But those who are, they would have no other way, lefties are proud of it. And if you are a leftie, this special day is for you.

The main idea behind this day is to spread awareness about what challenges lefties face daily. The day is mainly to promote awareness about the inconveniences each left-hander face in a predominant right-handed world. Some cultural issues have also been correlated with the usage of a left hand. Lefties make around 10-15 percent in western countries and 5-30 percent in the world. Society behaves so stereotypic as if the world is built for right-handers, examples are everywhere which proves it so. Many left handed items cost more, and few are impossible to avail. Right from the computer mouse to printed coffee mug, scissors to school desk, each thing you pass by is a biased one.

The fact is that left handed people to operate the right side of the brain, and the right handed people use the left side. Thus only left handed people are right in their mind. Undoubtedly, left hander’s earned all the right to have a day particular day dedicated to them. So, take a moment to wish and appreciate your left handed buddies and loved ones. Show your respect to them by sending a Left Handed Day Ecard. Remember today and every day “Lefties have rights!” As left-handers never do anything right….Kewl!

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Very few people are 100% left-handed among left-handers. For instance, many left-handers golf and bat right handed. A funny buzz is that “Tuesdays are lefties luck day” which has no scientific base. Ages ago, people believed that left-handers were witches and warlocks. A belief is that all polar bears are left-handed. Interestingly, there is a phobia called ‘Sinistrophobia,’ the fear of left-handedness or things on the left side. Here we present you some of the quotes by the very own left-handers which inner pride of every left-hander says

“Let not the right side of your brain know what the left side doeth.”

“If the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body, and the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body, then left-handed people must be the only ones in their right minds.”

“A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left.”

“I scan the room. Catherine is writing quickly, her light brown hair falling over her face. She is left-handed, and because she writes in pencil, her left arm is silver from wrist to elbow.”

“Life without left-handed people wouldn’t be right.”

“God made everyone right-handed, the truly gifted overcome it.”

“To be hated cordially, is only a left-handed compliment.”

“I may be left-handed, but I am always right”

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Excited about the day? Planning for something even more exciting?? Here we suggest some events to make this International Lefthanders day a fun filled and to serve the purpose what all the day is about.

  • Try writing, navigating your mouse using only your left hand.
  • Attempt cooking making your left hand a primary one.
  • Create a lefty zone where only left-handers are welcome.
  • Look around and count how many lefties are around.


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