It seems this year is going to be huge for Virtual Reality. Google announced its virtual reality platform Daydream at I/O conference in May. Now, the search engine giant is ready to launch its Daydream VR in coming weeks. Google is investing huge on Virtual Reality platform.  Much of the investment is spent on the development of video games and apps, shooting 360-degree videos and licensing sports leagues. Google will promote projects from Hulu and produces for 360-degree videos with famous YouTube stars.

According to the reports, Daydream is being built to run on the upcoming Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. It is confirmed earlier in may, that leading handset manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, Asus, Alcatel, LG, Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi have agreed to build “Daydream ready” smartphones.


“Google’s Daydream will help advance a mobile virtual reality. The mobile virtual reality is what’s going to get the most people to strap things on their head. They want more content in the store to get people talking. Google investing in the space continues the momentum and growth we’re all expecting.” Said, Oren Rosenbaum, a digital media agent at United Talent Agency who spearheads its VR effort.

Daydream’s store includes app, shorts and games to boost its VR platform. The idea behind the platform is to be the Android of VR. However, Google will afford to provide a VR platform for other companies to build hardware, just like its previous formula of serving Android OS for companies like HTC and Samsung to manufacture smartphones.

Google is working on a VR-friendly version of Chrome for Android

It seems Daydream is more ambitious VR than Google Cardboard. There are plenty yet to reveal we don’t know about it. However, no one witnessed any devices designed exclusively for VR, but as per the sources, the headset set design resembles Samsung’s Gear VR.


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