Android latest version Android Nougat 7.0( is going to release on August 22 for listed models. Earlier it is available with the beta preview, and our team has come across some unique features experienced from the previous Operating systems.

Walk-through the features which are newly included in this version. Check out the top 15 features that are available on the Android Nougat 7.0 operating system.

Android Nougat top 15 features and Know about them

New Quick Settings

In this new version of Android on the Horizon, the developer community is excited today, and they might know about complete details where you give the scoop to the laymen or which important upgrades you would see on the Nougat.

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The quick settings have been changed in this version and now when the users pull down the notification shade, and they are greeted with the single reduced row of settings icons. You can access them without pulling down the shade twice, which you had done in the Marshmallow.

This settings can be customised it has Wi-Fi and mobile data. Apart from this it also has DND mode and Flashlight options. With these changes accessing these settings makes use to use the settings quite faster and very convenient.

Night Mode

Some features that do not make the cut to the final build in the Android Nougat and the Night mode was one of such features that were pulled off from last year’s final build when compared with the preview build of Marshmallow preview.

Earlier we have seen these been implemented on some custom ROM skins like Cyanogen. But company is finally thought; it’s better to give it a user option to switch to the dark colour during the night time as the white settings User Interface which is unpleasant to look at.

Probably this one is the comebacks on the Android Nougat. There is an option which can automatically switch to Night mode when the sun settles in your region.

Revamped Settings Menu

The company is keeping the most of the stuff in this latest OS Android Nougat under silence before the surprise announcement of the developer preview. But one of the things supposed was to redesign the interface of the settings module.

As the rumours were spot on it, the same thing was done. There are many small improvements which are mostly focused on getting the relevant information quickly to the user. Now the users don’t have to jump to the sub menu for navigating to the options.

All the entries are listed on the main page which has a subtitle. Whenever you visit any sub-menu, then there will be the hamburger button on the left which makes it easier to access any other part of the menu quickly. Also note that the list is still split into the sub-sections like Device, Sound, Notification and others.

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Multi window

Google is tempting from ages that it is about to bring multi-window mode to Android. Now finally in Android Nougat 7.0 is included with this feature. In the developer preview of Android N, the users can able to split into the screen mode and picture-in-picture mode as well.

The application developers would have to target Android Nougat APIs for building the apps, now the incredible thing that stock Android would be able to handle all the heavy lifting now. Google has explained this Multi window feature by showcasing a video player.

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It essentially allows a floating windowed app around the User Interface. The company hints that this multi-window feature will also work for the tablets and TVs which are powered by the Android.

Doze when screen off

Here is another feature in the Android Nougat, this feature is special in battery saving with the doze mode. In the previous model Android Marshmallow, the Doze mode would not trigger when the device is turn off in your pocket.

This was meant to build the battery saving feature but hasn’t been fully giving to its potential. But now this much-needed service missing in the Marshmallow is now available in the Android N.

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Project Svelte

An inclusion of the advanced Doze mode the company is also going with the Project Svelte. This will allow an effort which will make the Android much efficient in allocating the memory. This would allow the possibility of running smoothly in the latest Android OS version in a much broader range of devices.

With this feature the background work being done for working more efficiently in the Android N, which has to consume fewer resources and gain more battery savings.

Call Screening

This feature is not a special feature or addition to the Android Nougat, but Call screening is welcoming feature. This feature is now directly included in the phone as the default application. This feature will now allow screening the incoming calls.

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The users are now able to view the three options. They are One can reject the call and while a second is an alternative they can make the call which will not appear in the call log. The third and last one, this provide the way not to show the notification of the call to the users. This is a quite advanced way to ignore the call. What say?

Always-ON VPN

Android Nougat is coming with the new service VPN (Virtual Private Network) which is quite a helpful thing when the user needs to browse anonymously, and the best thing is, it secures your device.

So with the introduction of the service Always-ON VPN, the company is looking forward to more security for the Nexus devices. With the recent issue of the Apple device security breach, the Apple is a forced to unlock the iPhone.

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There is a huge discussion went in this case among the security experts. An Android device may not be as secure as an iPhone, but the company gunning for an Always-ON VPN feature, it’s clear that company wants to make the Android devices with high safe.

System level number blocking

In this Version of Android Nougat, the new feature is added called System level number blocking with this the device gets the native support of blocking the numbers which would allow the users to get rid away from the unwanted call.

Earlier we have seen many third party applications which have tremendous growth by offering those features. Now the built-in support of blocking the numbers which will make more convenient to the users.

Once the particular number is blocked by the user, then the user will not receive any calls or SMS form the respective blocked number. Finally one of good feature is going to hit in the Android Nougat.

Data Saver

Data Saver is the key feature which has to be present on every smartphone. With this feature the usage of the background data can showcase a problem, mainly when you are on the mobile internet data plans.

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In the Android Marshmallow, the feature got some tweaks, but this was not expected of it. But we had already had the tweaked this part in the Android N Preview version. This feature will appear as the new option in the phone settings.

The company is more likely to switch the toggle at the end of the month, as well as while you’re roaming or you might have the small prepaid mobile internet data pack. Additionally, this will block the background data usage and also keeps informs how much of the data pack the applications are using.

Recent App UI

There are some important tweaks which we have seen on the Android N Preview Build, and we have addressed most of them. But since we have been using for a couple of hours we found out one interesting change that was going unnoticed.

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This is recent app menu. This shows the larger cards when you go for the recent apps. It also shows the apps which are running in the background. The cards will now take up more area on the screen, therefore revealing more of the applications UI. You would have to scroll little more to reach to the other applications, as you go more in the list.

New File Manager Features

In the previous Android OS Marshmallow the much-needed file manager is introduced, but it lacks the notion of the features like moving the files from one folder to another as well as renaming the files or folders.

If the company want to include the feature then it should have given such features. This feature is observed in the Android N preview build. This can be viewed in Settings> Storage > Explore with the similar interface to the Android Marshmallow.

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You can also view the specific files and formats separately like videos, music, documents and videos. As well as the directories like downloads and documents can be found in this file manager. We hope for looking forward to getting more features in the future update.

Emergency Information

This is one of the features probably no one thinks about, but this is the thing much needed during the medical or accidental emergency situations. This will be helpful in retrieving the emergency information when it is needed.

This is why Google has included in the Android N build. In this, the information like personal contact information, medical details and emergency contact details are stored. With this, the information is helpful to the responders in the emergency situation at the site.

All the information can be accessed by tapping the emergency button on the locked device. Then by double tapping, the information is shown which is helpful during those situations.

Change screen zoom levels (DPI)

This is one more feature which is not available in the previous operating systems which is a refreshing one. With the introducing this feature, the user can able to change the DPI. Earlier it is only available to change the font size in the display settings.

Now with the enhancements in this build, the user can able to change the DPI in three segments. Messaging, App drawer and settings. To access this feature, you have to navigate Settings> Display> Display Size.

In this, there are different types offered for the size change like small, default, Large, Larger and Largest. It has now become a system-level feature, thus making it easy to switch back and forth when it is needed.


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