Data Wind is well known in developing countries like for its tablet Aakash. Last week, the manufacturer launched a smartphone Pocketsurfer GZ for a minimum cost which also offers free internet browsing for one year at just Rs.1499.

The company announced a stand-alone Android application which provides internet service on Android devices without a hotspot device or SIM card. Data Wind is mainly focused on taking the free internet to a next level.

DataWind launches smartphone at Rs 1499 with one year free Browsing Internet

It is expected that the app will provide unlimited internet access for one year on any Android device. Users need to buy pre-paid card which will be available at retailers which would be at a nominal price.

Data Wind is focusing on the in towns and smaller cities in India where the internet is quite poor. “Our app is the next step in achieving our company’s goal of bringing the next billion people online,” said, Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO and President of DataWind.

 “Users will be able to download the mobile app on any Android device, and either make an online payment for it or purchase a DataWind Internet access pre-paid card that will soon be available at participating retailers within DataWind’s vast retail network of over 51 channel partners across 10,000 retail locations,” The company’s official statement mentions.

The company has created app exclusively for Android devices as Apple users are economically good enough to splurge money on internet services. Another reason includes that Android devices are more prominent and affordable in the Indian market.

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Data wind app provides user to access the basic internet, which helps reduce 97 percent of the amount needed for browsing. The app also ensures a broadband-like experience irrelevant to the network.

Users can access billions of websites ranging from News, Travel, Finance, Email, Educational content and Social network. Heavy websites might take time to load as the app is developed just to offer basic internet services in India.

The price for the prepaid data packs is about Rs.99 and Rs.150, seems dead cheap for a one-time payment of a nominal amount. However, the Company haven’t revealed any information about the launch.


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