Facebook is now testing the new feature on their Messenger platform. As per the sources, the new feature is included in the Messenger app, the users can add the contacts on Messenger, even they are not friends on the Facebook.  This latest update on the Facebook Messenger helps the users to connect each other through the app without actually adding them on the Facebook.

View the preview of the Messenger Update to add the contact on the messenger.

Fb Messenger is lagging behind the Facebook when monthly active users are compared. Facebook has monthly active user count of 1.7 billion which is rapidly growing than the main product. This will increase the importance for the company now with the original sharing of the Facebook proper and their ad load nearing capacity.

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In the month of April CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg was clear about the significance of the Messenger to his business. Mark says, “A lot of people want to share messages privately, one-on-one or with very small groups.”

With the growth of the messenger, Facebook is now particularly thinking about how this will help in developing the app into their ecosystem and released in some respects to the Big Blue App. The latest update of the “Add Contact” request is another tool for accomplishing the things.

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The advantage with this latest update of the Facebook Messenger is that the users can sign up for messenger by just adding their mobile numbers. Facebook has introduced this feature almost after a year for the users who did not have the Facebook account to join the Messenger.

Facebook won’t simply test something without any intension or planning to implement in the final release. So stay tuned for the latest updates regarding the messenger. We will update the information once the release details and updates are out with more details on it.