Samsung’s files petition for the patent application on next wearable Smartwatch, where the user can configure on their body and control the method thereof implemented.

Wearable Devices consists an image projector that projects a virtual user interface (UI) screen. The camera configured to capture an image, and detect a target area from the picture captured by the camera.

So, finally, Samsung’s Smartwatch will trick upon your sleeve, on your palm, or the desk or a flat surface near to you.

The patent also describes listing, how the display technology could use other wearable factors such as AR and VR headsets. The purpose of this projector would be to use it as a secondary display like Cicret bracelet.

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The Korean company patent application published on this May illustrates the next gen Smartwatch. But there is no guarantee that this user interface (UI) specifications will come up in this real world or not, well appreciate Samsung for its thinking, that we can see the World through a small square box (Smart watches).

Earlier last year, the Samsung Gear S2 latest seventh Smartwatch come in two variants. The round-faced smart watches, one is a standard one and another is a classic which has its Samsung operating system, Tizen.

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The usage just interfaces for dialling, messaging and information relating navigational search. It is also provided with number pad, a keyboard, or show extended menu functions for the projected area.


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