During the event E3 2016, Sony showed off a frightening trailer and a little demo of the latest Resident Evil game which was the continuation of its previous series on stage. It’s something different from its earlier versions and can be fully played with a Virtual Reality device.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, the game’s full official name would be even more terrifying in virtual reality than the regular gameplay. It is a blended mixture of horror and classic. The game was a first-person horror adventure which appears to be a longstanding promise from the Capcom.

The demo which is released on a PlayStation starts in an abandoned, crumbling farmhouse where the player is looking around the rooms of the house and would see a lot of strange things, creepy and haunting voices. The player would also come across little puzzles to solve and to progress into the next stages of the game.

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The Game is extremely effective and would sweat out the players for sure if they opt for the VR. One may not avoid nervousness considering the game’s atmosphere.

The Character would find a VHS tape which shows a low-budget film crew who were shooting few scenes of a haunted house show and walking through the deserted farmhouse and trying to escape from it. By the dialogues, it is evident that something had gone wrong with the crew who were shooting the show, and all are gone missing one by one and were found dead.

The VHS tape ends, and now the player should be going to the same basement for finding those keys where a huge figure pulling the player ends the demo.

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The natural sounds, background music and the dialogues were exceptionally real and would be more entertaining, scary in the VR sets.

From the little demo session, we can predict that the new version of the scary game was a quick course correction of its early series and is magnificent in all aspects. Persons with weak heart and health issues are not advised to play the game using the VR devices.

The Japanese video game publisher Capcom says that the entire game can be played using a virtual reality headset. They also stated that it would be similarly compelling and may cause slight stomach upset to others but not for the game enthusiasts.

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The camera can be controlled through head-tracking of the VR, and the right analogue stick wound up being disorienting which would cause moving slow through the game.

The latest version of Resident Evil 7 would be released and available for playing in PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One by January 24, 2017.


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