Japanese Video game developer Nintendo had shown off its all new game called ‘EVER OASIS’ for 3DS on Wednesday at the Electronic Entertainment Expo event 2016.

 The announcement was made during the Nintendo’s Treehouse Live event and the company also the given the clear demo of the game and the characters. The Presence of the Japanese Nintendo in this year’s E3 event was lagging something and not up to the mark, Even though it might still have some surprises in its Cart.

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 The game takes us to the age of ancient Egyptian aesthetics and was built on 3DS set in a magical desert inspired by Egyptian mythology. The game is all about the story of Tethu, a young boy who had a mission to create a village in the middle of the huge and vast desert.

 It serves as a launching point for the quest to find his Elder brother, who was taken away by the spiritual forces of chaos. The lead Character completes his mission by associating with his partner named lsuna.

The game goes on with Tethu and Isuna, and their work attracts several wanderers around the remote tribes. They join with Tethu on his mission and help him in solving puzzles, battling with monsters and in gathering new equipment.

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In the game process, you should solve some puzzles, discover new items, collect materials and recruit artisans for building the town for moving to the later parts of the game.

The new game is much similar to the Zelda series in the gameplay. Koichi Ishii is the creator of this game who was well known for his Seiken Densetsu series (Mana series).

Ever Oasis is developed by GREZZO Corporation which also worked on The Legend of Zelda; Majora’s Mask 3D. The company did not speak on further details about the game.


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