Pebble Time Steel

Pebble Classic was the best affordable, simple smartwatch. But it’s been the World’s first best smart watch which gave few features like quick numbers and notifications on watch. Pebble Time Steel Watch is an American smartwatch developed by the Pebble Technology Corporation. Pebble Technology released its second generation smartwatch Time in 2015 with a colour e-paper display, microphone and updated design. The company’s top of the range new Pebble Time steel smartwatch adds more features but without overwhelming the user with data and apps.

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The new Pebble Time steel is water resistant up to 30 m and it is priced at $149. Besides colour display and fitness tracking, Pebble time steel has an extended battery life of at least seven days on its top version. The time steel is available in three colours- black, silver and Gold with matching straps. The one which is launched for review was gold in colour with 22 mm opera red leather strap. The Pebble app on the phone controls watch faces, other apps and animations.

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The Pebble Time steel measures 47 mm by 37.5 mm with rounded edges. Besides fitness tracking Pebble tracks sleep, which is integrated natively to the smartphone through Apple Health and Google Fit apps. On the smart watch, one can keep a track of steps but it does not show up the total distance covered.

The sleek and sophisticated Pebble smart watch look classy with one button on the left and three buttons on the right which help only to scroll down the calendar and to the middle button is used to enter apps. It has 1.25-inch full e-paper display with a Gorilla Glass which guards the dial screen against scratches. The Pebble Time steel battery life extends up to seven days with single charging.  The added feature is Voice notes which is pretty useful. The Pebble app can be replaced with other third-party apps that sync to the smartphone. The software allows the user to install and run some apps on the watch like Uber, Runkeeper, ESPN, etc.

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Most of us do not use all the features available on the smart watches. So, the Pebble Time steel is the perfect watch for one who look for the basic smartness with a reasonable price tag.


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