Sony Leaked Pictures of smaller and slimmer variant of PS4, which have been developed on classifieds site Gumtree and popular gaming forum NeoGAF. It is not sure if this is real, but the pictures are evoking interest.

The past generations of PlayStation machines indicate that Sony would be making its move towards slimmer version on Sony PS4 Leaked. The console features full matte finish with Power and Eject buttons on the left.

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The device remains the rhombus shape, the sharp edges where rounded now. The rubber grips which were found in PS4 are now found missing on the new PS4 slim. The optical out port dint found its place.

It seems the headphones and other audio output devices probably will not be compatible with the new PS4 slim. A buzz is that the instrument comes out with 500GB capacity with a model number CUH-2016A

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This might not be out of the real possibility, earlier, a reduction of size is observed in PS3 after three years of its release in 2009. PS4 can also receive the same treatment. It is reported that Sony might launch a smaller PS4 alongside the PS4 Neo which would be revealed in September.

Sony announced an event on September 7 at 3 pm in New York City. The existence of the PS4 is yet to be confirmed by Sony.


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