Traveller T-Shirt with 40 icons would be the right choice for you, if you love to travel. People who are struggling to communicate in foreign country can communicate with the help of this T-shirt swimmingly.

A Swiss company ICONSPEAK is now popular for its invention, Traveller T-shirt with 40 universal icons which will help people to communicate with these icons easily round the world with no difficulty of gestures or drawing signs on a piece of paper or dirt. Very often the common problem faced is language barrier. We visit different places where we try hard to communicate in the local language for basic needs; in such cases one can enjoy their trip to any country with this T-shirt. The T-shirt is an awesome invention by three Swiss creative folks after an adventurous trip.

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Let us know a little about the designer’s story behind this dirt to shirt invention. George, Steven and Florian somewhere in April 2013, in Vietnam experienced a great difficulty in communicating with the local people to get their Claudette (an 110cc Honda motorbike) repaired as it uttered its last breath after an incredible heavy monsoon rain accompanied by thunders and winds.  They some-how managed and got their bike repaired by the local mechanic. The Vietnam’s mechanic said that the only way to start and stop the bike is by making the wires near the handle bar touch, as it had to lose wires sticking. With a reasonable payment to the mechanic our creator’s moved into the dark with the bikes.

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Now, they sat down in a bar after their dinner with two Mekong-buckets and started recollecting their past foreign country trips on their bikes. “Many times we were confronted with a language barrier that was only to be overcome by drawing signs, symbols or icons on a piece of paper, map, or into the dirt,” explains three Swiss designers. Now they thought it would be great to have an essential set of universal icons permanently to communicate easily just by pointing out on what we want. Soon they drew out a notepad and started listing more or less essential icons which would help anyone during their trips. So, the great idea of T-shirt with these 40 icons will bridge the language barrier gaps all over the World.

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Well, coming out of the story, Traveller T-shirts with 40 icons are now available internationally on The collection includes long, short and sleeveless t-shirts as well as tote bags and hat with fewer icons, according to the Oddity central.