Japan, an island country widely regarded as the big brother of technological advancements. From ages many electronic devices comes up with Japanese Technology. Having love and passion towards the technology, many electronic devices including robots have taken shape in the country.

Once again showing their fascination for robots Japan’s Electronic manufacturer SHARP CORP made an initiation for developing a Robot, which can walk and talk. Even after facing immense losses and cutting down of staff sharp corp didn’t back away.

The company continued its journey in making a Tuxedo-clad Robot after being rescued by FoxCon, a Taiwan-based firm. The humanoid robot is named as RoBoHoN, which can do many things like walking, talking, taking pictures, projecting videos almost everything.

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It can take calls when you are busy, reply to texts on behalf of you, reminds you any significant events on your schedule like a personal assistant who is very smart. Talking to RoBoHoN is very easy when compared to other smartphone speaking representatives because of its human-like structure.

More Features like recipe assistance while cooking and getting a taxi can also be seen in RoBoHoN.

The next smart robot phone is 7.6-inch tall with an 8MP camera between its eyes for taking selfies. A 2 inch QVGA display is on the back of the robot phone with 320 x 240 resolution; it can also project videos with a 1,280 x 720 resolution.

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The Digital Assistant possessing a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor comes up with 2 GB RAM. The little robot works on Android 5.0 version lollipop having a 16 GB internal memory and a 1700 mAh battery.

RoBoHoN was unveiled at International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo in December 2015. Now the finalized price was decided, and it can make one’s Jaws Open. Sharp Corp is taking pre-orders for the robot for 198,000 yen which is about $1800 including shipments. At current only 8,000 unit production is done, and it may increase after getting a good response.

The sale would be commencing from May 2016 at Sharp’s website and selected retailers. In addition to RoBoHoN many other accessories for the little assistant like desktop holder, carrying case in different modes are also available for purchase.

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The voice conversations are made based on the cloud technology. To enjoy certain voice features, a subscription of $6 per month is to be done to buy RoBoHoN users should get a unique cloud-based connection which works only in Japan and also should sign up for a data plan and other commitments.

Presently Confined only to residents of Japan, Sharp Corp is planning to explore it globally. It will campaign not only on specifications but the distinct features of the Future Smart Assistant.


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