Sneakairs Smartshoes

We are living in a modern world where everything is updating and becoming smart. Starting from the mobile phones to wearables like watches, goggles, t-shirts. Now shoes also being added to this list. Yes easyJet, a British low-cost airline had developed a pair of prototype smartshoes named ‘Sneakairs’.

It will help the passengers navigating the city and in reaching their destinations in a unique manner. Sneakairs would produce vibrations to alert the passenger in which direction to turn and when to stop. If the user has to turn right, a vibration is triggered in the right shoe and the left shoe would produce vibration in the case of a left turn.

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Two vibrations mean that the user had missed a turn and three vibrations would suggest the user had reached his destination. The shoes are fitted with a tiny Arduino clone, low power consuming Bluetooth transmitter and a small vibration motor which are placed in a plastic casing inside their soles.

The Smartshoes are connected with the Smartphone’s GPS via Bluetooth and it enables signal transmitting between the wearable and the mobile phone. It eradicates the burden of continuous looking into the Maps and allows the tourists to look up and enjoy the sights. The technology was developed in collaboration with a company called D6.

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This isn’t the first smartshoes, earlier a company had unveiled shoes featuring a large E-ink panel that would change its colour according to the selection and mood of the user.

Peter Duffy, marketing director of easyJet, stated that “We are looking at making this technology available for purchase on board in the future, offering a very practical solution to those passengers who want to relax visiting a new place without the need of a map and enjoy every moment while they explore a new city.”

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The European company had also developed cabin crew uniforms last November which are assisted with LED light systems displaying flight information and having featured with microphones for communication between the pilot and other staff during emergencies.

Sneakairs were going through early stage tests around Barcelona, naming as Barcelona street project which proved to be quite successful. The easyJet would soon avail these smart wearables to passengers on their flights.


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