Fembot Jia Jia

Jia Jia is the China’s first interactive robot can respond to human orders, make micro facial expressions and do more. This humanoid Robot looks a lot like real women, until unless you get closer to it. And you will able to understand by the voice modulations and tone comes from the mouth. May be you fall in love with this Robot.

University of Science and Technology of China unveil the Fembot, the female robot named Jia Jia, which is the third generation of Robots. The first word of Jia Jia is “Hello everyone; I’m Jia Jia. Welcome”.

So far Jia Jia is limited to perform few tasks like micro facial expressions, nodding, opening and closing its eyes and glimpsing side to side. The team is working more on Jia Jia to include more gestures. In future, this fembot can able to cry, laugh and also able to recognize the facial expressions for the deeper interactions. Mostly they will let this happen in the next step of the progress. They want to make Jia Jia as the “robot goddess”, hopefully, this might come true in the future. This is the first lifelike robot ever achieved in the world.

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The funny and intelligent part of Jia Jia is while photographers gathered closely to capture the photos, it said step back so that her face wouldn’t look fat in the photograph. Before Jia Jia, there is a robot with the name Scarlett Johansson designed by Hong Kong resident Ricky Ma.

The team spent three years to design and making Jia Jia naturally. But due to the limitation of material the Robot is unable to make the big facial expressions, since the researchers intend to continue working on Jia Jia despite having no plans of mass producing her. Chen Xiaoping (team leader) said they hope to give her deep learning and facial recognition capabilities in the future.

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Jia Jia can be able to sync the speech with the lip movements and calls the creator with the word “My Lord.” It is programmed to recognize human/machine interactions. It also performs the navigation and offer other services based on the cloud technology.


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