Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer: Intelligent Heat Control, Ultra-Fast Drying, Smoothing Nozzle

If you get Disappointment what you do? Frustration can be due to anything
Here is a British Technology Machine Seller Designed Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is a product built in with Frustration with conventional Thinking.

Dyson Hair Dryer, an output with Intelligent Heat Control, Ultra-fast Drying, Engineered for Balance and with Smoothening Nozzle.

The giant company that design and manufacture machines such as vacuum custodian, blade-less fans, heaters and hand dryers. Now with all his expertise, Dyson came up with an appliance move in the air probably you use it every day.

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How the thought came in mind to Dyson?

Dyson states that the product is built or born with frustration with conventional Thinking. The Dyson Supersonic replaces the hair dryer with lighter, quieter, and safer.

It is expected to release in September 2016, but consumers can reserve now for $399.9. It comes with three combinations likely Fuchsia/ Iron (it’s a limited edition), the white and silver mixture with two years warranty.

What make Dyson Hair Dryer Different?

It controls by a processor with V9 Dyson digital motor. Accessories you get to Dyson Hair dryer are Diffuser, Styling Concentrator, and Smoothing nozzle. The exit temperature is measured twenty times for every sec, and it straightaway reports to the Microprocessor. The microprocessor calculates and adjusts the heating element, though it controls heat to avoid hair damage. Vibrate reduction mode helps to prevent from noise reduction between the motor and the case.

Dyson Hair Dryer Engineering Story

To avoid the bulk motor problem, heat problem, etc. found a better way with V9 motor and D-shaped battery which propels 13 liters of air per sec and tested for 1010 miles of natural hair tresses and invested 38million pounds for doing research.

The team worked with professional stylists namely Mr. Akin Konizi, winner of Brittan Hairdresser of the year for four times. Every move on Dyson Hair Dryer came up with “iteration” which took four years, and 103 engineers worked on the research.

“With our digital motor, we changed vacuuming and then hair drying.”  Now we are changing the “HAIR CARE,” said James Dyson, the Inventor.

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