Facebook might soon payoff for posts by letting users add “Tip Jar

The Social networking giant Facebook explore new ways to make small amounts of money for. A recent survey brings out wide range of plans to make money for content creators on Facebook. The Verge asks series of questions about these monetization plans.  The giant in the month of February started letting anyone publish instant Articles.

“It’s still very early, but we’re committed to creating sustainable, long-term monetization models for our partners and we’re listening to feedback,” a Facebook spokeswoman told The Verge.

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The plans include many options beside Tip jar option, but it is not clear whether the options are available for all the users or it is only for the verified users.

The survey asked users to indicate their interest in the following options for promoting a cause or earning money using personal presence on Facebook.

  • Tip Jar (Place where fans can tip you money)
  • Branded content (earn money when posting with brand you have a sponsorship arrangement with)
  • Sponsor marketplace (a place where you can match up with advertisers for sponsorships
  • Donate Option (allows fans to donate to a charity you choose)
  • Call to action button (e.g. button saying “Buy Tickets” or “Sign up for more” on your posts)
  • Revenue sharing (receive a share of revenue generated by ads in your post)

The targeted questions in the survey were featured to know how people use their personal profile pages, what stuff do they share and whether their FB friends comprise mostly real-life acquaintances or a person who they have never met before.

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So, Facebook might consider allowing its users to add “Tip jar” which would join Twitch and You Tube to pay small donations for content writers. Twitch allows its users to make money out of subscriptions and merchandise sales. Popular media companies like The Wall Street Journal have joined micropayment service Blendle for readers to enjoy best stories with no paywalls and ads. You Tube is the first social media Platform which allowed its users to get profited by a revenue-sharing program in 2007.

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The giant have not yet decided to introduce the monetization plans, it’s just the survey that revealed the range of options listed. Well, it is another aggressive move by Facebook to become the dominant platform for real-time sharing.