Waze now becomes Steering Advisor to Drivers to Avoid Troublesome Intersections

Waze comes out with a resolution to make navigation easier. Most of the drivers especially in LA face complicated intersection, which leads to the risky left. But the Google acquired company now direct the driver making left turns on the busy streets safer.

The community of Waze was working the issue over the years, and now the drivers will find an alternative route where they can avoid most of the complicated intersection.

Waze calls the troublesome as “Difficult Intersection” which is launched on Friday this week. About 10 percent of Los Angeles drivers use Waze. It seems that the motto of the app is like a stress-free for the drivers who face difficulty and to reduce traffic deaths.

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Turning left or going straight becomes an extremely complicated scenario that requires multiple lanes of oncoming traffic. To mobilize this driving issue, a new feature rolled out to promote a safer and less stressful drive.

Waze is familiar with navigating the route map and also won the best navigation app of the year in 2013 at MWC defeating Dropbox and Flipboard. Waze provides turn by turn information and tracks details by downloading dependent location info over mobile networks.

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Waze was formerly known as “Free map,” which is a GPS-based navigation application program for Smartphones and Tablets. Waze developed in Israel funded by American venture and now acquired by Google in 2013.

Waze app can download here, which is available for Windows and Android.