As this is an era of Artificial intelligence, most of the electronic companies are focussing on the AI technology to embed into their future projects. Many of them are making paths, started researchers and some of them already launched their products too. Recently an American Motor vehicle company also added to this list.

Local Motors America’s well-known motor vehicle manufacturing company has announced its new project named ‘Olli’, an autonomous electric vehicle.

It looks like a minibus with the capacity to transport a maximum of 12 passengers at a time from one location to the other within a pre-set route.

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The autonomous vehicle uses IBM’s Watson, a cloud-based computing platform to which passengers can interact using voice-based commands. The company is planning to use an app or a kiosk for allowing users to get into the electric vehicle.

IBM’s Watson allows Olli to request routes, answer queries about the design of the vehicle and for suggesting eating places, hotels basing on the destination.

Olli is equipped with sensors, lidars, cameras, and GPS to sense what is going around the vehicle. It autonomously makes adjustments in its movement to avoid collisions.

At the present stage of testing, all Olli’s would be monitored by a human overseer, to make sure of no mishaps to occur.

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Local Motors famous for its crowd-sourced Rally Fighter off-road coupe diverted from its original path and made Olli. It was developed in-house by using a mix of 3D-printed, steel, and aluminium peripherals

The electric vehicle is built with a motor which can make it hit up to 25 mph. They are planning to improve its transit speeds.

At present, the autonomous vehicle is only permitted to few public roads. Due to this Local Motors is limiting the vehicle to places like university campuses and airports.

Local Motors started a single Olli to operate in National Harbor, Maryland at free of cost and planning to launch four vehicles in Denmark, two in Miami-Dade County Florida, and one in Las Vegas within the next year.

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The Firm didn’t disclose the price of Olli but hinted that the final cost would be based on the configuration and usage of the vehicle.


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