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Google Adds Lens to iOS Search App

Google has rolled out an AI-based feature for iOS devices, which allows it to use Lens searches without firing Google Photos. Anyone with an iOS device will need to simply tap the lens icon in the search bar and point the device camera at the object they want to know more about. It was previously available on Google Photos app on iOS. This feature now has a live view finder instead, unlike earlier where users had to first add a picture to their camera roll.

Google Lens is not new and was announced to the public at its I/O conference in 2017. However, all new features of the company made debut on the company’s Pixel model and are slowly tickling down to other devices. Google isn’t shying away from its competitors, while it is making its products available on iOS. It has also announced that they will be rolling out additional features to Lens like multiple language support, which includes Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Korean across all devices.

Google Lens has a very simple user interface. All that users have to do is tap on the object or text in the viewfinder to start search. Users can even turn on the flash to illuminate the object/scene or alternatively pick any image from the gallery to analyze the image.

Google Lens on iOS is on par with the app available to its android users. It not only lets the users do image search but also shop online. This strategic positioning has perhaps been done to bridge any parity between Google and Apple users. The convenience of this app will definitely redefine how people search. With Google’s live view finder Lens search for both iOS and Android, now there’s a shazam for cute pets too!

Google new feature enables selfie-style answers straight from your favorite stars

Google selfie-style answers

Many of us are very much eager and excited to know some unknown information about our favorite celebrities. We would never miss a chance to shoot some questions via social handles like Twitter & Facebook. Although everyone wont receive replies for their queries, still we can’t resist our excitement.

To help such crazy fans to get their favorite celeb info right from the source search engine giant Google is working on a new feature. This new self-recorded videos answering feature would let you know information about famous people straight from them in the form of selfie-style videos.

Google is piloting this exciting feature on mobile in the US. Popular personalities like Priyanka Chopra, Will Ferrell, Tracee Ellis Ross, Gina Rodriguez, Kenan Thompson, Allison Williams, Nick Jonas, Mark Wahlberg, James Franco, Seth MacFarlane, Jonathan Yeo and Dominique Ansel are in with the Google to answer in selfie-style videos

So you can search any question related to the celebs mentioned above and might find a surprise video answer waiting for you.

Tech Giant Google in a blog post stated that

The feature is intended to offer a “surprise” to searchers. At the same time, it’s also a slight competitive edge for Google. If you’re a Nick Jonas devotee, wouldn’t you rather hear answers from him on Google instead of reading text on Bing? So long as you like the videos in the first place, this could keep you coming back just in case your favorite star has a custom Google answer.

Today’s announcement gives you a snapshot (or should we say selfie-shot) of what’s to come, but in the next few months, you may see more videos as you search for your favorite personalities. For now, pick up your phone to search for one of the people mentioned above—you just might find a surprise video answer waiting for you.

Currently, this new feature of Celebrities answering questions via videos is confined to the US and no mention about the global launch. Recently Google has closed its web application store and move to Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

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Google Shuts down Chrome Apps Web Store on Mac & Windows

As announced earlier Search Engine Giant Google has shut down the Chrome Apps web Store on all platforms. The tech company has started sending emails to Chrome app developers about the shutdown.

Google has taken this decision since only 1 percent of users actively using Chrome packaged apps. With this move by Google, Users won’t be able to install chrome applications from now.

Users who installed the apps before can use them until the first quarter of 2018. Google also said that it would eliminate the complete functionality in the Q1 2018 probably after the launch of PWA.

What is PWA ?

PWA is the acronym of Progressive Web Apps. PWAs use the modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to the web or desktop users. In simplest form it can be stated as an web app with mobile app functionalities. The major difference between chrome web apps and PWAs are the Progressive web apps are cross-platform and cross-browser, while the Chrome apps are limited to Google’s browser.

Google is now looking forward to bring the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to the desktop. The PWA would proffer few native-app-like features such a full-screen interface, an “installable” app icon, push notifications, and offline capabilities. Google is trying to work on desktop and mobile simultaneously.

Chrome on Android already supports installing PWAs, even giving them their own icon in the app drawer.It will be interesting how Google gives that same treatment to Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Google Video Preview now Available for Google Mobile Search

To make your searching more efficient and accessible, Google introduces Video preview to the searches made in Chrome and Google app with muted sound. The search engine giant now displays Google video preview whenever you search anything. Currently, this feature was rolled out for Android users and hoping to see Google video previews feature on other platforms as well.

At first, this feature will be in the English language in the United States. However, Google will expand video previews globally and in all languages in coming future.Google video preview feature on Android helps users with video prompts in search results.

Google introduces Question & Answers (Q&As) section in Google Maps and Search

These Google Video previews will provide an idea of what you are looking at without even opening it. These videos not only help the users in finding relevant content but also have an added benefit of fighting click-bait. Some YouTube creators often put misleading titles for their content to fool the user to click on it. Thereby the creator can get revenue from this.


These video previews from Google won’t consume any extra data and the feature works only when you are connected to Wi-Fi. However, users will be provided with an option to turn it off inside the Google app. Though the rollout is starting today, the feature will be available to larger audiences from next week.

Google Allo web version finally goes live, Compatible only with Android Phones as of now

Google is planning to live stream the event for the launch of its new operating system Android O (8.0) on total solar eclipse, i.e., on August 21st. Google introduced Android 8.0 at Google I/O conference in May this year. At present, the OS is in beta testing and in June released the fourth version of the preview.

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Google introduces Question & Answers (Q&As) section in Google Maps and Search

We often ask a lot of questions to ourselves before where to go and what to do. Now, Google provides a Question and Answers section in Google Maps and Search where all your questions will be answered. This option is currently available for Android users.

Now when you just need to search location On Google Maps or Search and then open business thing in Maps or Search. There you find Question & Answer section where you can ask the question, answer question or tap on the thumbs up icon to upvote the information. The Upvoted question and answers will appear on the top as the information is accessible to others.

How Google Search Q&As Work:

For example, if you want to search for a hotel or café in your area, all you need to do is search, and they will show up on the map with directions and some additional information. If you tap on the other info section, a new column with an overview, reviews, and photos will show up. Scroll down and type in your query in the Q&A tab.

To make sure Question and Answers contains accurate information, business owners can use this feature by posting Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) and answers to ensure accuracy and authenticity. The Business owners, as well as customers, will get notified depending on the queries posted by the users and answers received.

This feature enables us to take quick decisions no matter which place you are heading or what you are looking to do, Google Maps and Search gives the information needed.

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