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Emergency Evacuation at LAX Airport Reports of an “Active Shooter”

Lax Airport
Panic situation at LAX Airport Lock down after reports of Firing

Mass evacuation is under process after reports of the potential shooting at Los Angeles International Airport. The LAX airport was under alert, and all the passengers evacuated immediately. However, it was said to be unconfirmed reports by LAPD.

Police received many calls from numerous passengers reporting suspect with firearms and opening fire. Massive search operations are taken up by the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). However, no firing and injuries have been confirmed by the police department.

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The passengers on social media reported the suspect with firearms. Huge noises reported from terminal 7 and 8. However, LAPD confirmed the no firing took place at the airport. LA airport PD tweeted that they are searching the airport for the suspect and asked the people to stay calm.

Three suspects have been arrested post the chaos but were not confirmed to be shooters. Public are in panic situation after loud noises were heard from the terminals.

People at airport claim that a man opened fire at the baggage chain terminal. Women reported that she saw a man shooting, and police arrested a person dressed in Zorro outfit.

Lax Airport gives Updates on Twitter

Waze now becomes Steering Advisor to Drivers to Avoid Troublesome Intersections

Difficult Intersection in LA

Waze comes out with a resolution to make navigation easier. Most of the drivers especially in LA face complicated intersection, which leads to the risky left. But the Google acquired company now direct the driver making left turns on the busy streets safer.

The community of Waze was working the issue over the years, and now the drivers will find an alternative route where they can avoid most of the complicated intersection.

Waze calls the troublesome as “Difficult Intersection” which is launched on Friday this week. About 10 percent of Los Angeles drivers use Waze. It seems that the motto of the app is like a stress-free for the drivers who face difficulty and to reduce traffic deaths.

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Turning left or going straight becomes an extremely complicated scenario that requires multiple lanes of oncoming traffic. To mobilize this driving issue, a new feature rolled out to promote a safer and less stressful drive.

Waze is familiar with navigating the route map and also won the best navigation app of the year in 2013 at MWC defeating Dropbox and Flipboard. Waze provides turn by turn information and tracks details by downloading dependent location info over mobile networks.

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Waze was formerly known as “Free map,” which is a GPS-based navigation application program for Smartphones and Tablets. Waze developed in Israel funded by American venture and now acquired by Google in 2013.

Waze app can download here, which is available for Windows and Android.

Microsoft unveils Project Scorpio, VR Focused Gaming Console: ‘The Most Powerful Console Ever’

Microsoft unveils Project Scorpio, VR Focused Gaming Console

Microsoft Corp. has unveiled an upgraded version of its Xbox one videogame console for virtual-reality and 4K resolution gaming at a media event in Los Angeles before the annual E3 conference on Monday. It is also planning a slimmer version of the Xbox One.

The announced gaming console codenamed as “Project Scorpio,” is expected to come in the 2017 holiday season. Microsoft game chief Phil Spencer at the Galen Center described the developed console as “the most powerful console ever built.”

Turok games will come to Xbox One

Microsoft claims that the Xbox Scorpio console will have a six teraflop GPU, 8 CPU cores and it supports full 4K resolution gaming and high-fidelity virtual reality. So, the new GPU’s power and speed promises a major boost, “I think it’s gonna be magical,” Bethesda’s Todd Howard said. The Tech giant also added that the developers are really excited to make games on Scorpio. Xbox boss Phil Spencer also mentioned that all the future Xbox games will be compatible with all three consoles.

Sony PlayStation VR headset will knock the market on October 2016 at $399

Storage capabilities of the new gaming consoles are unclear yet. But the giant said that Xbox One S, a limited launch edition which is 40% smaller in size and can sit vertically will come with up to 2 terabytes of space for $399 and a 1 terabyte version for $349. And another one which is available at $299 provides 500 gigabytes.


Microsoft on Monday announced that it would shortly make it possible for fans of “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” to play the block-building game with others using different mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Gear VR. Well, the company also announced a new initiative with an aim at making Xbox live online gaming more comprehensive. And it disclosed that the coming Xbox One titles include “Scalebound” and “State of Decay 2.”

Microsoft Announced ‘Game with Gold’ Free games for June to Xbox One and 360 users

Now, Scorpio will compete with the Sony’s high end Playstation PS4.5 which is codenamed Neo. Sony has confirmed Neo last Friday. CEO Andrew House said that Sony will not be showing and talking about the new play station at E3 this week.

Hyperloop is on move at 760 mph from LA to SF in just 30min: Elon musk


What if tomorrow arrives Today? Hyperloop is real. The best and the brightest Engineers built a new form of transportation “Hyperloop Levitation.

The Hyperloop is a high-speed transport brought into reality by entrepreneur Elon Musk. The concept made to the public in August 2013, the outline draws a design includes a notional route runs from Los Angeles to San Francisco paralleling Interstate 5.

Finally, on this Monday Hyperloop Transportation Technology announced its magnetic levitation technology which promises to shuttle public and goods in a vacuum tube speeding at 750 mph.

The Hyperloop team says the fastest magnetic levitation takes you from Los Angeles to San Francisco just in 30 minutes i.e. (a typical journey of six hours). The announcement arrives just one day away, but today at 5 pm, some big announcement will start tweeting live on Hyperloop Tech

On its official website, you can feature the photos and videos of how it makes, how it performs for both Human and Cargo.

Recently, another player in the space is SkyTran, located at just south of San Francisco (NASA Research Park). The company unveils a technology showcasing how two and four person vehicle will work aiming to build a 30 mile track in Lagos, Nigeria. The company has raised $30 million and operated partnering NASA.

Who are at the backstage of Hyperloop?

The Hyperloop proposed by Elon Musk, the creator of Tesla Motors, Pay Pal and Space X. Elon said the Hyperloop might be an alternative to the costly California Rocket Speed Rail. This High-Speed Rail is Expensive and Slow.


Hyperloop is safer, cheaper, lower cost, more convenient, immune to power, self-resistant to earthquakes, and not disruptive to those along the route. The cost proposed to High-Speed Rail is $68 Billion whereas for Hyperloop is $7.5, Million.

HTT is a passive magnetic levitation system originally developed by Dr. Richard Post at Lawrence Livermore National Labs.

Advancement to Standing Hoverboard turns up to Sitting Hover Cart

The high-speed public transport Hyperloop, Vacuum tube with no air resistance, that the magnet helps to move the capsule every 100 km of passengers 28 (2*14). The capsule container supported by the pillar at an average spacing of 30m will be roughly 25, 000 supports. The cost for support construction and pipe joints are $2.55 billion USD for version passenger tube and $3.15 billion USD for passenger plus vehicle version tube.

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