Time is moving fast and Advancement in technology is moving in parallel with it. Two month’s back we have seen Chinese company LeEco demoed a self-driving electric car on stage, and leading car manufacturer Tesla also showed up their driverless car. Countries like Dubai also using driverless pods for their travelling. Latest reports are saying that we will see self-flying cars soon.

Going deep into the matter, Larry Page, Co-founder of Google is currently working with two start-ups of Silicon Valley for developing a driverless flying car.

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According to the sources, one of the startup companies is Zee. Aero, on which Page has personally funded more than $100 million, and it is launched next to Google’s headquarters 2010. The startup company had filed a patent application for a small, e-vehicle that could fly and land vertically.

It also has a manufacturing unit at NASA’s Ames Research Centre in Mountain View. The company’s prototypes are presently being tested in their airport hangar in Hollister, California.

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Talking about the second firm, Kitty Hawk, a flying-car startup which also funded by Larry Page since a year. The flying car company started its operations just down the street from Zee, Aero. Although the two companies are not working jointly on the flying car project, were working on competing designs.

According to the reports, the flying car would be very much similar to the giant version of a quadcopter drone.


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