Facebook and Microsoft are going to lay a high-speed internet cable under the sea in the Atlantic Ocean. This establishment of these hubs starts from Northern Virginia to Bilbao, Spain. The total length covered in building the cable is over 6600 Kms which is known as “MAREA” which is the Spanish word called as a tide. This Massive eight fibre pairs cable is capable of supporting 160 terabytes per second, which is 16 million times faster than the home internet connection. This will allow the two large tech giants to move the enormous amounts of information between the data centres and the network hubs which hold their favourite online services.

The two companies are proposing the plans to initiate the construction process commence from the month of August 2016 and they are expecting to complete by October 2017. Telxius looks after this entire undersea cable management and this company operates and manages the total 6600 Kms cable system.

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With the implementation of this MAREA cable certainly this will help in growing the phase of the network connections between the data centres. Once this cable system comes into existence across the Atlantic, and then it satisfies the customers demand the reliable high-speed connections for the cloud and the online services for the Facebook, Microsoft and their loyal customers/users, said by Christian Belady, General Manager, Datacentre Strategy, Planning & Development, Microsoft Corp.

“Facebook wants to make it possible for people to have deep connections and shared experiences with the people who matter to them most - anywhere in the world, and at any time,” said Najam Ahmad, vice president of Network Engineering at Facebook.

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In this occasion, Microsoft says its new project with the Association of Facebook provides the interoperability with other networking equipment.

The projects like the undersea cables are a routine thing. The Tech companies across the world have been investing in the global networking infrastructure for years. Earlier Google has been part of the two undersea cables project which connects from the United States to Japan, South America and other parts of Asia. In the recent times, Facebook and Microsoft also joined in the undersea project.

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