Japanese people tested “Gokiburi Hoi-Hoi” on a Scientist, Sprinter, and a sumo wrestler. Their attempts to cross “Gokiburi Hoi-Hoi” tremendously failed.

So in such case, Japanese people are a success in their efforts which remains roaches are considered vermin in Japan. The country is well equipped having sprays, boobie traps, and disinfectants. However, lack with those when it comes to speculative roaches to the mutant kind.

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The following YouTube video shows the members of the anti-roach death squad prepared a more terrible kind of cockroach attacker. The stronger defense traps the cockroaches which are designed to lure the roaches by emitting delectable food smells that only they can sniff.


Earth Chemical, the Japanese Pest Control Company, has taken its “Gokiburi Hoi-Hoi” and blown it to 925 times its original size. Earth Chemical challenged three volunteers: a lanky scientist, a sprinter, and finally a sumo wrestler to make their way across the gigantic “Gokiburi Hoy-Hoy.”

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You can see the video here which shows how each volunteer attempts to cross the trap and fails miserably, struggling to lift them off.  So, finally the company concludes the “test,” is a success and suggest the humankind will have some form of defense against the speculative mutant roach of the future.



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