Sonic will be celebrating their 25 years in the industry and with their latest game in the franchise to be released in spring 2017. The new game called “Sonic Mania” which will be released for Xbox One, PS 4, and Windows PC.

The Comic-con event being held in San Diego last night announced the details about the Sega Latest game “Sonic Mania” and according to the reports, this 2D adventure video game is all set to knock the doors of the games with the Sega Genesis days. In this new game, the users will experience the three playable characters called Sonic, Miles “Tails” power and Knuckles.

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This is entirely the new game, and there is a choice for the players to choose between the Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. There are also the new zones and the new drop dash abilities. The main highlight of the game is classic levels and where they will be reimagined.

The trailer of Sonic Saga has released and however this game will not bring any new amazing and stunning graphics in the gameplay. But this will be having the most familiar look that the gamers have probably grown up with. According to Sega, this is the 2D game and will feature with “Core Classic Gameplay” which will be release for PS4, Xbox One and the PC which is about to release in the Spring 2017.

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This is the biggest announcement as far out of all the Sonic related news which are coming out at this year’s Comic-Con event including the merchandising boundary between the Sonic The Hedgehog and the Sanrio characters.


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