Tired Of visiting Eye-Doctor every now and then to get an eye glasses prescription? We have good news for everyone who often finds it difficult to make time for an eye-doctors’ appointment. Smart Vision Labs now makes it easier to get new glasses prescription with new SVOne Enterprise. Earlier, some time back Smart Vision labs has first launched its SVOne Pro which and now it comes up with SVOne Enterprise. Both products are based on same Autorefraction technology.

SVOne Enterprise is a smartphone-powered vision test device which is similar to iPhone with a typical eyepiece on the top of a tripod. The first product of the company SVOne Pro allows doctors to perform eye exams anywhere. The new product SVOne Enterprise adds a telemedicine element – After the vision test the results are delivered to a remote eye doctor who approves the final prescription. You can then download the prescription to buy your new glasses at any retail shop.

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“We’re addressing a huge shortage,” Yaopeng Zhou, co-founder of Smart Vision Labs told MobiHealthNews. “A lot of optical stores can’t afford to have an eye doctor on hand, and a lot of people can’t afford or have time to go to a specialist.”

According the founder, Yaopeng Zhou the product SVOne Enterprise was designed when he realized that there are more than 200 million vision impaired people in America alone. He says that only 106 Mn eye exams are conducted every year and there is only one doctor for every 5,000 people in United States. So, he then created SVOne enterprise, a complete self-service product. The SVOne Enterprise costs $3,950 which is paired with iPhone 5s, and the company gives support for a year. The device is launched in Few New York Optic Stores.

“When you go to someone’s office and test their eye, that’s amazing and they can see the results. But then what do you do? We need to open access,” says Albanese, Smart Vision’s cofounder and COO

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The first handheld product which is available in 23 countries has performed more than 40,000 tests over the past few years. Only 500 units of the first product are sold in the market. The founder says that theey are planning to bring SVOne Enterprise to more markets in the US. Well, Smart Vision labs is not the first company to build such device, earlier Blink is one another company that would send expert to your home for vision test.



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