You are now about to bother regarding the WhatsApp chats deletion. According to the research done by the iOS researcher Jonathan Zdziarski, he says that WhatsApp stores the chat logs even after deleted.

After examining the disc images collected from the very recent version of the application, this researcher has found that the software retains and stores the forensic trace of the chat logs even after the user deletes the conversations and creating the prospective treasure which troves of the information for anyone with the physical access of the device.

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This same data can be recovered through any remote backup systems, which is the thing you all have to worry about.

Almost in many cases, the data is noted as deleted by the application itself. But it has not be overwritten so this is still recoverable through the forensic tools. Jonathan Zdziarski attributed the problem to the SQLite library which has been used in coding of the application which doesn’t overwrite by default.

Zdziarski wrote like this in the post “The core issue here is that ephemeral communication is not temporary on disc,”

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Jonathan is finding the with the deals with, how things are happening with the data after it reaches to the phone, mainly when the data is stored on the device local disc drive or the iCloud storage. The messages on the WhatsApp are backed up by the iCloud without any encryption methods. So the details of the conversations can be obtained by the police or other authorities if the court orders to retrieve the chats even they are deleted within the app.

Watch this image for the overview

WhatsApp hasn’t responded immediately to the request for the comment on this critical issue.