When I started eating the Ice Cream, it already melts by half which disappoints me. I wish god could make an Ice Cream which doesn’t melt. My wish became true with Gastronaut Ice Cream.

Now, it’s time to experience the world’s first freeze-dried ice cream which doesn’t melt even on a hot sunny day. Gastronaut ice cream is here.

The name ‘Gastronaut Ice Cream’ came from a combination of the words gastronomy, and astronaut ice cream, the original name of freeze-dried ice cream. Unlike other frozen foods, it will not melt. The recipe is simple, using freeze-dried regular ice cream and dehydrate It adding a pinch of salt. Freeze-drying is a process of freezing food substance followed by adding heat to draw out the frozen liquid out of the food after creating a powerful vacuum. Currently Gastronaut ice cream has three flavours; Cookies and cream, Mexican chocolate chip and Mint Chocolate chip.

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“The freeze-drying process is just simple all-natural Science, It’s a way to remove all the water without altering the structure of the food. You freeze the ice cream to a very low temperature like -50 degrees celsius. Then a vacuum pump turns on, pulling out all the air to decrease the atmospheric pressure. When the temperature and pressure reach a certain point, the ice turns to gas and evaporates, leaving tiny air pockets in the ice cream which give it the crumbly texture. It’s interesting that the freeze-dried ice cream comes out of the machine looking identical to the frozen product it started as”. Says Rob Collignon, owner of Gastronaut Foods, Brooklyn, New York, US.

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Rob Collignon quit job in 2015 and travelled 20,000 miles through U.S, Mexico and Canada while working on the business. The moment he figured it out, he settled in Upstate New York to start the Kickstarter campaign. According to him, this is the only freeze-dried ice cream on the planet.


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