Microsoft wants to replace the camera application on your iPhone. The latest application has been developed and released on Apple App Store by Microsoft. To install Microsoft Pix, the Apple devices required to run the iOS 9.0 or later. This is compatible with the iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices.

With the Microsoft Pix, you can take the better photos without extra effort. This application has the serious intelligence behind the lens, and it can automatically pull the settings for each image and quickly enhances your photos. This helps people and makes the scenes look best and great.

Enjoy every moment instead of struggling to capture it. With the Microsoft Pix, you can Point. Shoot. Perfect. Enjoy every shot you shoot with the Microsoft Pix.

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Microsoft Pix has many features like selecting the best image automatically from the multiple images captured, and this app keeps the best and deletes the rest of images. Microsoft Pix uses the Artificial Intelligence (AI) for improving and enhancing your photos. With the pre-photo settings and the post photo enhancements are adjusted automatically, so the people in it look their best.

One more stunning feature in the Microsoft Pix is ‘live images’, with this you can relive your favourite memories with the moving images.

The Image Auto-Enhance is one of the options available in this application; this uses the data from the discarded burst frames for enhances each best image by improving the exposure and the colour. It even reduces the noise and blur the pictures automatically.

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You can notice more features like Smart settings, Hyper-lapse, Auto-sync, Easy sharing, Best Images, Best moment, Live Image, Face recognition and the best moment. With one single application, you can get all these features in the Microsoft Pix.

“If you see it happen, and you aren’t already taking pictures, it’s too late, you missed the shot,” said Josh Weisberg, a Microsoft researcher and former team photographer for the Seattle Seahawks. Click here to get the Microsoft Pix iOS application.

                            ” Microsoft Pix- Point. Shoot. Perfect.”


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