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Microsoft confirms thousands of Jobs Layoff as part of a big reorganization

Microsoft Jobs Layoff: Microsoft confirmed thousands of job cuts globally on Thursday. The job layoffs may occur mostly in sales area as part of a big re-organization. A series of rumors are viral since the past few days, and the tech giant has now officially paved the path for cutting thousands of jobs. Yet, the company hasn’t unveiled the specific numbers.

The recent reports claim that Microsoft’s total sales force will be cut down by 10 percent approximately. The company said that the majority of jobs expected to be laid off are outside the U.S. Also, this will proceed to few other areas resulting in a slight stock down on Thursday morning.

Microsoft launches TeachYourChildren program, another offering by MASP Suite

“Microsoft is implementing changes to better serve our customers and partners. Today, we are taking steps to notify some employees that their jobs are under consideration or that their positions will be eliminated. This can result in increased investment in some places and, from time-to-time, re-deployment in others.” Microsoft said in a statement.

With the Widespread rumors, the company has sent an internal memo to employees detailing a shift in consumer and commercial businesses and how it sells cloud services. However, this

These changes aim growing cloud computing business as the Microsoft’s commercial cloud run rate hit $15.2 billion during the first quarter. Meanwhile, Microsoft revenue in intelligent cloud group grew by 93 percent to $6.8 billion in the quarter.

Intel-Bosch Micro Climate Monitoring System Launched in India

Employees were reportedly speculating about layoffs and transfers to new positions across the Redmond campus on Thursday. Many employees were set for meetings with managers, and Approximately 25,000 Microsoft workers use the anonymous chat app.

The Redmond-based giant had cut 2,850 people from its smartphone and sales teams back in July last year. The firm cut 7,400 employees for the entirety of the fiscal year 2016. Microsoft has employed 121,567 worldwide as of March 31 which includes 45,535 in Washington State.

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Microsoft launches TeachYourChildren program, another offering by MASP Suite

Microsoft India has rolled out #TeachYourChildren program on Monday to advance its efforts to transform more digital education. This value -based offering is powered by MASP Suite (Microsoft Aspire School Program Suite). Essentially, this Microsoft school program aims to provide an integrated set of technology and innovative learning solutions for schools. Also, the Microsoft learning suite modernizes their campuses and drive transformation to enhance the learning experience and prepare students ‘future-ready’ .

“We are confident that schools across India will be able to empower both teachers and students, and reap tremendous benefits with the adoption of MASP,” said Amit Kumar, General Manager, Small and Midmarket Solutions & Partners at Microsoft India.

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The Suite Includes MASP, MASP+ and MASP Pro Programs:

MASP: MASP transforms education by modernizing the school campus with Microsoft state-of-the-art technology solutions.

MASP+: This empowers educational institutes with innovative devices from iBall along with latest Microsoft technology.

MASP Pro: MASP Pro provides eFee Online, an e-payment facility for campuses to go cashless while extending digital convenience to parents and students.

Microsoft Teach Your Children program provides few benefits for educators which include Microsoft Empowered Teacher Sessions and Virtual Master Training Programs. Besides this, students can avail Microsoft Student Associate Engagement.

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TeachYourChildren also provides access to Microsoft Imagine and Microsoft Imagine Academy to all faculty, students, and labs on the campus. As of now, about forty schools across India have adopted this MASP Suite in cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Vadodara, and Bhubaneshwar.

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Microsoft Introduces Skype Lite App for Android in India

The latest technologies are specially made for mid and low range smartphones. In India, there are many affordable smartphones that can handle the majority of apps and games well. There are some low range smartphones still running on slower data connection speed which is impossible to run many apps.

Facebook Lite runs on slow data connection which is launched in 2015 and now Microsoft- owned Skype has also joined by introducing Skype Lite which is cleaner, simpler and lighter version of its original telephony services.

Skype Lets You Make Calls without an Account and More Easier than Before

Skype Lite is exclusively launched for India on 22nd February. It is 13mb in size and includes all services like texting, video calling, voice calling and Skype bots.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella announced Skype Lite for India at Microsoft’s Future Decoded Conference in Mumbai. It has been designed as the fastest and smallest app which consumes less data, for users in India.

“Skype Lite is designed to deliver a great Skype performance in challenging network conditions, use less data, less power and enable more users to take advantage of free Skype to Skype calls. It is available in seven local languages: Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu,” mentioned in a Blog post.

Microsoft is Working on Messaging app called Skype Teams

The company has announced about the amalgamation of Aadhaar number on the app from June 2017. This helps in verifying the identity of unknown callers where identification verification is required, including job interview, goods, and property sale.

Skype Lite featured tracking data usage that tells the user about how much data was used and also categorized the internet usage into two sections—the amount of mobile data or wifi used while using the Skype Lite app.

Microsoft has using the Artificial Intelligence-based algorithm to differentiate between important and junk messages. It segregates all messages into three categories: Normal text messages, Skype Messages, and Promotional texts.

It also allows the user to share multimedia files without downloading them to the device. Microsoft introduces the dark theme for this app for users to work in the night without straining the eyes. You can now download the Skype Lite for Android on the Google Play store.

Robots that Steal Human Jobs Should Pay Taxes, says Bill Gates

If robots take over humans jobs, that results in fewer people working. Eventually, it does results in fewer people paying taxes. And problem arises as taxes fund things are important for nations.

Bill Gates stated his idea for solving this deficit: Have the robots which pay their share in taxes like a human does.

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“Right now, the human worker who does, say, $50,000 worth of work in a factory, that income is taxed, and you get income tax, Social Security tax, all those things. If a robot comes in to do the same thing, you’d think that we’d tax the robot at a similar level,” said, Bill Gates in an interview.

He claims if automation takes place over human activities, it should free up time allowing people to do a better job. He also condemned giving up the income tax, as that is a part of funding that level of human workers. The tax funds might come from the savings companies obtain from not having to pay and support human workers.

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About 50 percent of human jobs are vulnerable and can be replaced by robots. This may affect loosing $15 trillion wages $2.7 trillion in the United States alone. But the reports say this may not happen in the next 25 years.

“People should be figuring it out. It is really bad if people overall have more fear about what innovation is going to do than they have enthusiasm. That means they won’t shape it for the positive things it can do,” said, Gates.

MS Office for Mac gets Touch Bar Support with Outlook integration coming soon

The February updates in Microsoft Office will now enable owners of the Macbook Pro with Touch Bar to work with the LCD strip Apple introduced with its latest laptop.

A post written by Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President for the Office team on Thursday, noted that the updates to Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Mac include a new object rotation slider on the Touch Bar, which provides a more intuitive and precise rotation experience.

“Now from the Touch Bar you can enter Word Focus Mode, a brand-new experience that hides all of the on-screen ribbons and commands so you can simply focus on your work,” Koenigsbauer wrote about the update in Word.

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A one tap quickly applies a new style to a heading or paragraph and a user can also insert comments, photos or hyperlinks directly from Touch Bar. The Touch Bar commands in PowerPoint will now allow a user to easily manipulate graphic elements.

“The Reorder Objects button produces a graphical map of all the layers on a slide, making it easy to find the right object and move it where you want it. And by sliding your finger across the Touch Bar you can easily rotate an object to get just the right angle,” Koenigsbauer added. Also, typing an equals sign into a cell in Excel immediately pulls up the most recently used functions in the Touch Bar.

The Touch Bar in Outlook now provides quick access to the most commonly used commands as one works on email and manage calendar.

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“When composing a new mail, the Touch Bar displays a list of recent documents. One tap and you can add a file-either as an attachment or a link. And from the Today view on the Touch Bar you can not only see your calendar events for the day, but even join a Skype for Business meeting,” Koenigsbauer noted.

This is the latest app to get Touch Bar support and joins other apps like Adobe’s Photoshop and Apple’s Final Cut Pro.


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