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microsoft teachyourchildren

Microsoft launches TeachYourChildren program, another offering by MASP Suite

Microsoft India has rolled out #TeachYourChildren program on Monday to advance its efforts to transform more digital education. This value -based offering is powered...
skype lite app

Microsoft Introduces Skype Lite App for Android in India

The latest technologies are specially made for mid and low range smartphones. In India, there are many affordable smartphones that can handle the majority...
bill on robots automation

Robots that Steal Human Jobs Should Pay Taxes, says Bill Gates

If robots take over humans jobs, that results in fewer people working. Eventually, it does results in fewer people paying taxes. And problem arises...
touch bar support for mac

MS Office for Mac gets Touch Bar Support with Outlook integration coming soon

The February updates in Microsoft Office will now enable owners of the Macbook Pro with Touch Bar to work with the LCD strip Apple...
You Can Apply for Jobs Through New Facebook Jobs Feature

Now You Can Apply for Jobs Through New Facebook Jobs Feature

Looking for the job? Now you can add Facebook to the list of career sites that can help you to find the work. The...

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