Facebook is the favourite social networking site which reminds the birthdays of the friends and family members. We love it as it makes our special day even more special and memorable with wishes. Recently, in the month of February, Facebook has launched Friendship videos that gained huge popularity. And then it added a slideshow tool making its 1.7 billion active users go crazy about the videos.

Now, the company is rolling new Birthday recap videos which include the top photos and text greetings that appear on your Facebook wall. The 45-second video clip puts all the birthday wishes and images in a colourful birthday cake.

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The birthday cake opens to show up the posts or wishes you received, and the Facebook user is allowed to adjust some parts of the video clip before posting it the world. This new feature automatically pops up when the birthday boy or girl whose birthday info appears on the profile receives three or above text wishes or greetings on the wall.

The only social networking site which is helping to remember most our friends birthdays is putting significant efforts to our birthday awesome. Earlier this year, the networking giant has launched a Birthday Cam feature which allows users to send videos instead of boring happy birthday text messages or posts. This shows that the company firmly believes that the future is all in videos.

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The company introduces the new feature just after celebrating the success of $2.05 billion profit in past quarter. Facebook recorded 59 percent growth whereas Twitter had 3 percent increase in users and 20 percent growth in revenue. The founder and CEO, Mark said, “Our community and business had another good quarter.” “We’re particularly pleased with our progress in video as we move towards the world where video is at the heart of all our services,” he added.


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