Is working on your mobile a difficult task? Not anymore as Google today announced new add-ons to docs and sheets for Android which makes it easy to work with office programs on your android device. These add-ons add an extra functionality to Docs and sheets integrated with third-party apps.

The search giant says that it has worked with eight app developers to launch the new set of add-ons for Docs and Slides on Android. Now, Google’s mobile office tools have add-ons - DocuSign, ProsperWorks, Scanbot, PandaDoc, TeacherAide, EasyBib, AppSheet and ZohoCRM. Let me explain you the use of DocuSign- this allows you to complete a signing process in Docs and Sheets. ProsperWorks lets you easily pull the CRM data into Google sheets.

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“Whether it’s readying a contract you have for e-signature from your phone, or pulling in CRM data on your tablet for some quick analysis while waiting for your morning coffee, Android add-ons can help you accomplish more,” notes Google blog post.

AppSheet, another add-on allows you to create mobile apps from data in Sheets and Scanbot allow you to scan business documents using OCR (Optical character recognition) and other advantage is you can insert the content into the Google Docs as editable text. In addition Google has introduced its add-on for Classroom, its educational platform. According to the reports, Google would soon bring these add-ons to iOS devices if the demand is high enough.


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