You’ll know how the naming for Android N has started. Google Android asked suggestions to all over the world for Name Android N.

Finally, Google named Android 7.0 as “Nougat.”

Earlier this month, the Android developer fourth preview version which releases in mid of June includes Android N final SDK (Software development kit) and when you continuously tap on the Android version located in your account settings, the bit letter N appeared with a name “Name McNameface.” So rumors spread over that it would be the final name.

Finally, preceding Android 6.0 “Marshmallow”, concerning the latest developer preview 4 (NPD56N)/ June 15, 2016; Android 7.0 “Nougat” operating system released a day ago.

Is Android N Named as Namey McNameface?

Nougat introduces a split screen multi-window mode, which is also available as a hidden feature. Notification shade also redesigned featuring a smaller row of icons, replacing information cards with sheet design.

Google Android got funny Replies Nectar, Napoleon, Nusseckenl, Nagasari, Neyyappam, Nuts, Nectarine, Nolen gur, Nastar, Nachos, Namik, New York cheesecake, noodles, Namey McNameface, Nacho Supreme, Neggets, Natilla, Nispero, Nonut, Noneycomb, Nice cream, Nutella Nelly Bean, Nollipop, Nupcake, Narshmallow, from the world.

Android N to Add VR Features and 3D Touch like support

We will provide you update on the Features of Android 7.0 “Nougat.”